Electronic Price Tag Eliminates Penalty Possibility

Electronic Price Tag Eliminates Penalty Possibility
Electronic Price Tag Eliminates Penalty Possibility

Everyone has difficulties in keeping up with the rapid changes in prices recently. While the price differences between the shelf and the cash register confuse the customers, retailers are having a hard time changing prices moment by moment.

Retailers make great efforts to make accurate pricing in this period. Rapid price changes also increase operational costs. Moreover, consumers who are faced with different prices on the label and different prices at the checkout react rightly, and this has a negative impact on customer satisfaction.

In this process, Electronic Price Tags come to the rescue of retailers who want to reduce costs and increase efficiency while keeping their customers happy. Electronic Price Tags, which ensure that the right price is placed on the right product with the right information, speed up the operation by updating and reporting thousands of tag information at once. kazanyelling. The prices of products in physical and online stores can be easily updated at the same time, preventing price differences.

Efficiency increases, errors decrease

Pelin Yelkencioğlu, Sensormatic Marketing Director, stated that digital price tags have numerous advantages for retailers and said, “Electronic Price Tags, which allow rapid price updates from a single center, provide a significant increase in profitability and competition to retailers such as discount markets and cosmetic stores that make frequent campaign changes in this period when prices change very frequently. provides advantages. It eliminates human errors, significantly increases personnel productivity and especially customer loyalty.

The possibility of criminal action is eliminated

Thanks to the Electronic Price Label, it is also easier to share mandatory information such as production place, production permit date, serial number or batch number that should be on the label in accordance with the labeling regulation. The possibility of encountering any criminal situation due to incorrect price tags is eliminated. It makes it possible to integrate the fruit and vegetable market with the website for the greengrocer department.

The Electronic Price Tag also makes displaying products stylish. Different products are offered for supermarkets, markets selling children's products, kitchen and household appliances stores or pharmacies. Striking products with different frame types are designed for cosmetics stores.

Affordable and long-lasting

As electronic price tags replace paper labels in retail, an environmentally friendly step has been taken and a significant reduction in operating costs has been achieved. In addition, operating expenses such as printer, toner and shelf arrangement of the paper are also over. Working with a special protocol, the system has a battery life of 5 years with once-a-day use. The battery life is quite high compared to other alternatives using Wi-Fi technology.

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