Easy Way to Buy a Second Hand Car with Peace of Mind Hyundai Promise

Easy Way to Buy a Second Hand Car with Peace of Mind Hyundai Promise
Easy Way to Buy a Second Hand Car with Peace of Mind Hyundai Promise

Hyundai Assan continues its services without slowing down, with an understanding of quality and trust, in second-hand sales as well as in zero kilometer vehicle sales. Hyundai Promise, which was developed to find used cars suitable for every budget, while swapping existing vehicles with 0 km models under the warranty of Hyundai Assan, also raises the satisfaction between the brand and the customer in second-hand operations. Consumers, who can find the vehicle they want quickly and easily through the website called Hyundai Promise, can also make interactive communications with Hyundai Authorized Dealers using new technologies. Detailed information about vehicles and transactions can be obtained with the high-quality consultancy service made up of professional teams.

For second-hand vehicles sold through "Hyundai Promise", Hyundai distributor's warranty of 5 years or 100,000 km is still in effect. Consumers, who can see the service and maintenance histories of the vehicles and buy them with confidence, can also learn transparently whether the vehicles that have been fully appraised have been involved in any accidents before. In fact, Hyundai Promise vehicles are vehicles that have been checked by technicians trained and certified by Hyundai and benefit from Hyundai's leading manufacturing expertise.

Requests for second-hand appraised vehicles belonging to Hyundai or other brands can be forwarded primarily to Hyundai Promise dealers. If the requested vehicles are in the dealers' portfolio, customers are contacted immediately.

46 different points of all vehicles are checked in detail to ensure that the most accurate information is revealed. In addition, those who wish can make the vehicle look refreshed by applying many necessary operations.

Expressing his views on services, Hyundai Assan General Manager Murat Berkel said, “Hyundai Promise, where we respond to all second-hand expectations and needs, has an operation and infrastructure that includes all brands. For this purpose, we aim to provide the best quality service to our customers. We always adopt the importance of our customers and their satisfaction as a priority principle, by offering services such as "Quotes, 46 Points Control, Vehicle Appearance Renewal, Transfer Transactions, Barter Opportunity, Credit Options, Motor Car and Insurance" through our Hyundai Promise Authorized Dealers. Our customers can choose Hyundai Promise with peace of mind in all their second-hand transactions.”

Those who want to get detailed information about Hyundai Promise can visit the secondelhyundai.com address and examine the vehicles in the dealers.

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