Technologies that Digitize Production Management in Automotive by Doruk

Technologies that Digitize Production Management in Automotive by Doruk
Technologies that Digitize Production Management in Automotive by Doruk

Automechanica Istanbul Plus 2021, which brings together many automotive production and repair professionals from three continents, was the address of digital solutions. Doruk, which operates in the field of more efficient, agile, low-cost and quality production with the use of digital tools in production management, took part in Automechanica Istanbul Plus 2021, which brought together thousands of automotive industry professionals from different parts of the world. At the fair; Introducing ProManage Cloud, the groundbreaking technology of ProManage, the production operations management system, and ProManage Cloud Kit, the innovative technology that fits digitalization in a box, Doruk gave digital tips on the management of production operations to brands that have an important place in Turkey's automotive industry exports.

Doruk, the architect of smart factory technologies, attended Automechanica Istanbul Plus 2021, which could not be held last year due to the global pandemic crisis. At the fair held at TÜYAP Congress and Fair Center, Doruk; Aiming to enable industrialists to be among the playmakers of the future, it had the opportunity to introduce ProManage Cloud technology to the leading roles of the automotive industry. Attracting all the attention with ProManage Cloud, which removes the obstacles to digital transformation, Doruk also made important contacts for new collaborations and global partnerships.

Automotive industry leaders maintain quality in mass production thanks to ProManage Cloud

With the trade fairs, which are part of an industry based on physical meetings, both digitally and physically this year, Doruk had a hybrid exhibition experience with automotive industrialists. Doruk, which received great interest both in person and in digital fields, was among the companies that attracted the attention of the automotive main industry and sub-industry most with its ProManage Cloud technology. This technology, which greatly facilitates the transformation of SMEs by removing 7 different obstacles in front of digitalization, can only start with machinery and production monitoring functions. With its easy-to-install and quick-to-learn structure, ProManage Cloud provides businesses with the opportunity to make a useful start in digitalization, while digitalizing the production management of SMEs, while maintaining quality in mass production.

The technology, which contributes to maximizing efficiency in lean production, one of the most important issues of the automotive industry, is installed with little effort and eliminates the labor barrier. Industrialists with ProManage Cloud; They can monitor their businesses from mobile devices, and instantly monitor the production amount and whether the machines are working or not. In this way, it allows to prevent lost time, automates the manual processes and minimizes the risk of error.

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