Dilovası Will Gain A New Vision With Multi-Storey Car Park

Dilovası Will Gain A New Vision With Multi-Storey Car Park
Dilovası Will Gain A New Vision With Multi-Storey Car Park

In the multi-storey car park project, which is one of the important investments of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in Dilovası district, which aims to raise the living standards of the people living in Kocaeli with the projects it has implemented, the rough construction structure has begun to emerge. While the “Dilovası Multi-Storey Car Park and Covered Market Place” project will meet the parking needs of the citizens living in the district, it will also offer a more comfortable shopping opportunity to the people of the region with its covered market place.


Within the scope of the project, which will add a special value to Dilovası, the concrete for the basement floor was laid after the foundation of the A block, which is the lowest part. A block 1st basement floor column manufacturing work continues. After the foundation of the B block in the multi-storey car park, which started to emerge with the works carried out, the production of the basement floor slab formwork continues at the same pace by the teams of the Building Control Department.


One of the most important needs of Dilovası district, the multi-storey car park and market place is being built by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality as a 4-storey building in Cumhuriyet Mahallesi. The parcel area of ​​the project, which was built at a point close to Çardaktepe Mosque, was determined as 3 thousand 33 square meters, while the total construction area was determined as 7 thousand 398 square meters.


Within the scope of the planning, the building will be constructed in four floors as the ground floor, the 1st basement, the 2nd basement and the 3rd basement. In the project, there will be a parking lot for 57 cars and a market place on the ground floor, and a parking lot and a market place for 1 cars on the 53st basement floor. There will be a parking lot for 2 vehicles on the 38nd basement floor, and the police and headman's offices, a male and female prayer room, an electrical room, a toilet and a 3-car parking lot on the 17rd basement floor.

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