Contemporary Art and Curatorial Seminar Program Begins

Contemporary Art and Curatorial Seminar Program Begins
Contemporary Art and Curatorial Seminar Program Begins

Organized in cooperation with Akbank Art and Open Dialogue Istanbul, the “Contemporary Art and Curatorial” seminar program starts in December.

Under the coordination of Billur Tansel, the program will be held in Turkish and English with an educational, practice-based and research-oriented approach; Case studies of biennials, galleries, museums and art fairs will also be featured.

Within the scope of the program, what is curation, who is a curator, a brief history of curation, art theories, a look at contemporary art history, aesthetics, art and globalization, cultural policies, research and determination of curatorial concept, archiving and archive use, introduction to exhibition setup, curatorial strategies, different exhibitions model analysis (museums, galleries, free spaces, biennials), how to write a curatorial text, contemporary art readings, innovative approaches to curation, case studies, art and activism, audience development, creativity and new pursuits, curatorial practices, exhibition management, logistics of the project Seminars will be held on planning (customs, transfer of works, preservation and preservation of works, insurance, budgeting, finding sponsors), curatorial problems, art copyrights, and designing an exhibition project from start to finish.

The projects prepared by the participants will be evaluated and a certificate of completion will be given to the participants in the final stage of the program, which was initiated with the aim of creating a comprehensive and international program on curation and creating a prestigious education platform for exhibition design and ideological framework in this field, both in terms of theory and practice.

Günceleme: 06/12/2021 12:10

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