It is possible to get rid of nose meat in 1 hour

It is possible to get rid of nose meat in 1 hour
It is possible to get rid of nose meat in 1 hour

From Medipol Mega University Hospital, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Dr. Instructor Member Yusuf Muhammed Durna “Even though turbinate diseases, popularly known as nasal concha, cause many problems that impair the quality of life, it is possible to get rid of this problem in 1 hour.” said.

Dr. Instructor Professor Yusuf Muhammed Durna warned, “In addition to allergic, hormonal, environmental and genetic problems, the growth of the nasal flesh, which can develop due to infections and drugs used, causes complaints such as difficulty breathing, headache, inability to smell and snoring.”

Stating that the enlargement of the nasal concha, that is, the turbinate, is not treated, the person's life standard decreases. Instructor Member Yusuf Muhammed Durna “Quality breath is life. Today we have so many options to get rid of this problem. It is only one of these options for surgical intervention after long-term drug therapy. Daily procedures with radiofrequency, laser, cauterization and local anesthesia can be applied in nasal concha enlargement. After one hour of procedures, the patient is happy to start his healthy life with the first breath he takes.”


Stating that the nasal concha can swell due to reasons such as exposure to cigarette smoke, allergic rhinitis, frequent upper respiratory tract infections, and temperature changes, Durna concluded his words as follows:

“Swelling of the nasal flesh is also seen in cases of bone curvature, which we call septum deviation. The regrowth rate of turbinates after all surgeries is very low. Often this rate is less than 5 percent. However, since factors such as allergies, cigarettes, and environmental pollution that enlarge the patient's turbinates continue, this problem can be solved with drug treatments from time to time.”

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