Bursa City Hospital Metro Project Waiting for Continuation Letter

Bursa City Hospital Metro Project Waiting for Continuation Letter
Bursa City Hospital Metro Project Waiting for Continuation Letter

Frankly… Bursaray 'i last stop Labor'th Pass-Balat the route City Hospital 'what will extend the metro line project Bursa for 3 aspects of its importance there.

First ...

outside the city and Turkey'one of the largest hospitals in City Hospital 'What will solve the transportation problem.


Although it is not clear when it will come, one day will meet with Bursa the fast train we hope Start 'such Bursa Station'It will integrate public transport with


Although itinerary is wrong Although it is one of the fastest growing residential areas in the last period, Baladi and the rail system will pass from the nearest place to its surroundings.

The project…

Its first tender was held on October 27, 2020. Willow-Taşyapı partnership kazanon April 2, 2021, after the tender Minister of Transport Adil Karaismailoğlu 'The foundation stone was laid with a ceremony attended by Mr.

So what…

On April 5, with the application of some companies Council of state by cancellation of the tender decision was made. Then, after a fast process, the tender was held again on May 5, Söğüt-Taşyapı partnership re-bid kazanwas.

The construction site was prepared, arrangements were made on the roads, Mudanya Road 'Precautions were taken before excavation.

Just as it was about to begin, on the evening of October 1, Administrative Court It was reported that the tender was cancelled. Frankly, second cancellation by court It was a big shock to everyone.

Decision ...

Ulaştırma Bakanlığı by Council of state'was also objected to. Recently, that the annulment decision will be lifted The Ministry is hopeful news was coming. Minister Karaismailoğlu'of expected Bursa the history of his visit Council of state We heard that it would be determined according to his decision.


Bu your hopeful wait in the process of Ankara'sprinkling water from hearts haber came.

applying to the court Firms objecting to the tender They withdrew their complaints. like this the project opened and the uncertainty is over.

Everything again starting.

A 'continuation' letter is expected from the Ministry

Though… Bursaray s City Hospital 'The tender for the metro line that will bring together the twice canceled, but after the last cancellation where the work continues in open field is also a fact.

CHP Provincial Chairman İsmet Karaca when he shared this observation, AK Party Provincial Chairman Davut Gürkan according to the right of the law Completion of essential works in 1 month He announced that he was working on it.

Here is that work Start 'It drives in the secluded backs of the city.

Your works officially so that it can start Ministry of Transportfrom the "continue construction" letter is awaited.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz / Event

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