Full Support from Bursa Metropolitan to its Officials

Full Support from Bursa Metropolitan to its Officials
Full Support from Bursa Metropolitan to its Officials

With the social balance agreement signed between Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Bem-Bir-Sen, the salaries of 2317 civil servants and contracted personnel working in the Metropolitan and BUSKİ were improved over the ceiling wage. While signing over 120 percent, which is the highest rate determined in the collective agreement, a net increase of 2000 TL was achieved in addition to the salaries of civil servants who were not crushed in the face of inflation.

The faces of a total of 2317 civil servants and contracted personnel within the Metropolitan Municipality and BUSKİ laughed once again with the determination of Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş "not to crush the employees with inflation". In the social balance agreement, which will cover the years 2022 and 2023, between the Metropolitan Municipality and the authorized union Bem-Bir-Sen, an agreement was reached over the highest rate of 120 percent. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which is the second municipality to agree with Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality on the highest rate, has thus made its employees smile once again. According to the agreement, the social balance compensation fee, which was reflected as net 1438 TL in the previous period, reached the level of 560 TL with an increase of 2000 TL as of January. The contract that does not oppress the metropolitan and BUSKI civil servants to inflation; Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, AK Party Deputy Atilla Ödünç, Bem-Bir-Sen Chairman Levent Uslu, Deputy Chairman Medeni Sevinç, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Ulaş Akhan and BUSKİ General Manager Güngör Gülenç and the staff at Merinos Atatürk Congress and Culture Center. signed at the ceremony.

we are a big family

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, in her speech at the signing ceremony, reminded that as the Metropolitan, they have a responsibility to provide services to every corner of 17 districts and 1058 neighborhoods. Expressing that the financial balances in the metropolitan area are getting stronger day by day, Mayor Aktaş said, “I hope the future will be better. We are really a big family. In every county I go to, in every rural neighborhood I go to, I see a work of the Metropolitan and I am proud of it. You too can be proud of yourself. Together, we are performing important services.”

Good job

Expressing that they work day and night in every field from transportation to sports, from parks and gardens to social supports, President Aktaş said, “Of course, I would like to thank all of our friends who worked hard at this point. We reached a ceiling agreement with 120 percent, the highest rate defined in the contract. In this sense, the municipalities of Bursa and Kocaeli have demonstrated this will so far. The contract covers the years 2022 and 2023. 2317 civil servants and contracted personnel in the Metropolitan and BUSKİ will benefit from this agreement. It used to be 1438 TL, now it will be around 2000 TL. The annual cost to the institution is around 17-18 million TL. Let it be halal like your mother's white milk," he said.

Bursa flag bearer

Bem-Bir-Sen Chairman Levent Uslu also stated that they have signed the best contract in Turkey with provincial and district municipalities and special administrations, and said that Bursa acts as a standard-bearer in this regard. Stating that there was a feast with the contract, Uslu said, “Our metropolitan mayor, Mr. Aktaş, did his part and did not upset the officer who worked for him. On behalf of all our employees, I would like to thank our esteemed president and his team for making us experience this holiday.”

Bursa Deputy Atilla Ödünç also wished that the signed contract would be beneficial for all employees.

Bem-Bir-Sen Branch President Erkan Ataman thanked President Aktaş for the improvements provided by the contract and said, “We know the value of this signature very well. We promise to represent you in the best way possible by increasing our performance as employees and to provide the best service to Bursa day and night.”

After the speeches, the signature was signed for the contract that provides support to the officer through the ceiling.

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