Superstructure Progress Rapidly on Başyiğit Street

Superstructure Progress Rapidly on Başyiğit Street
Superstructure Progress Rapidly on Başyiğit Street

Bridge beam assembly was carried out by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of new road construction works that will connect Başiskele Başyiğit and Kanal Yolu streets. The binder asphalt paving of the road, which provides access to the reinforced concrete bridge where 32 pre-stressed prefabricated beams are mounted, has been completed. The slab concrete of the bridge was poured. The work of laying the wearing asphalt and drawing the road lines will be done in the coming days.


The foot works of the reinforced concrete bridge that will connect Başyiğit Caddesi and Kanal Yolu avenues have been completed. Binder asphalt paving was made on Kanal Yolu Street, where the reinforced concrete bridge, where 45 bored piles were driven, was connected. After the completion of the bridge, the last layer of abrasion asphalt will be laid on both streets and bridges and the road lines will be drawn, and the bridge and the new road will be put into service.


Within the scope of the 245-meter-long Kiraz Stream rehabilitation works, the stone wall and stone curtain fabrications were completed. Within the scope of the project, 20 thousand 900 cubic meters of excavation and 7 thousand 500 cubic meters of filling work were carried out. Within the scope of the creek improvement works on Kiraz Stream, 2 thousand 155 square meters of mortared pier, stone wall, reinforced concrete stream floor were manufactured. The new road, on which 3 tons of pilent mix foundation, 490 tons of binder and abrasion asphalt will be paved, will be an alternative route that will facilitate transportation between Başiskele Kanal Yolu Street and Başyiğit Street.


With the reinforced concrete bridge built over Kiraz Stream and the new road that will connect Başyiğit and Kanal Yolu streets, transportation between both streets will be easier. A new street to Başiskele kazanBaşyiğit and Kanal Yolu streets will merge with the reinforced concrete bridge built on the new road with a length of 696 meters within the scope of the project.

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