Military Logistics and Support Summit Started

Military Logistics and Support Summit Started
Military Logistics and Support Summit Started

Turkey's domestic and national power defense industry met in Ankara for the Military Logistics and Support Summit – DLSS, which was realized for the first time this year. Opened at the Hilton Garden Inn Gimat Hotel in Ankara on December 7, 2021, DLSS hosts important sessions for two days and industry representatives showcase their latest projects.

DLSS was opened by Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) President Nurettin Özdebir, Defense and Aerospace Manufacturers Association (SASAD) Vice Chairman Uğur Coşkun and Military Doctrine and Operations Compliance Analyst Sami Atalan from Mildata.

Unit price of defense and aerospace exports reached $48

Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) President Nurettin Özdebir made the following statements at the opening: “Defence expenditures also have an impact on the growth of our economy. Analyzes made; It shows that in the developing country group, which includes Turkey, defense expenditures positively affect investments in other fields. The turnover volume of the defense industry, which was 2002 billion dollars in 1.3, reached 11 billion dollars in the meantime. It reached an export volume exceeding 248 billion dollars from its export capacity of 3 million dollars. The domestic rate of the sector increased from 20 percent to 70 percent. Defense industry projects financed by public resources have reached 3 in the last 1100 years. The 2020 budget of the currently ongoing defense projects has exceeded 55 billion dollars. With an annual R&D expenditure of 1.7 billion dollars, it has become the sector that makes the most R&D investments in Turkey. Global defense spending is expected to increase by about 2021 percent in 2,8 to exceed $2 trillion. Countries did not reduce their defense expenditures even when the pandemic was at its most severe last year and public expenditures were at their peak. Export unit prices come first among the figures that show the importance of the defense industry. When we examine the kg prices of Turkey's sectoral exports as of 2020, we will all see how critical it is for our country to take the defense industry forward. While the price of automotive exported by Turkey in 2020 is 7 dollars, machinery is 5 dollars, leather and leather products are 9 dollars, the unit price of defense and aerospace exports is 48 dollars. Turkey has demonstrated its will to implement a new technology-based, domestic production-oriented economic model. As Turkey advances technologically, it will get rid of the "middle income trap" that is always said about its economy."

DLSS will contribute to the development of the sector

Uğur Coşkun, Vice Chairman of the Defense and Aviation Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD), said: “The Military Logistics and Support Summit is very important in terms of being the first in Turkey and one of the few in the world. In the equation of producing and maintaining a product in the defense industry, it is important to develop the after-sales support of the product and to plan all logistics activities. Our defense industry companies have internalized the issue of logistics systems and logistics has become an integral part of defense industry projects. Considering the superior products of our defense industry, whose competencies and capacities are increasing day by day, we think that we should increase the weight we give to logistics systems. Because, after export, supporting and maintaining the product on the customer side and ensuring customer satisfaction will help pave the way for the defense industry. It will also mediate the continuity of the product and the introduction of new products to the markets. In this respect, DLSS will make a very meaningful contribution to the development of the industry.”

Military logistics will change over the next 10 years

Sami Atalan, Military Doctrine and Operations Compliance Analyst from Mildata, said at the opening: “Operational logistics and support are an integral part of the security strategy. The need for logistics will change over the next 10 years, under the influence of modernization and the nature of warfare, such as robotic systems, automation, predictive logistics and maintenance. According to the developing international service sector trends, defense industry and logistics capabilities will play an important role in the exports of countries. Today, the Armed Forces benefits from the development of the private sector to provide the logistical support it needs. The Military Logistics and Support Summit also serves this purpose.”

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