Minimum Wage Increase Left for 4th Meeting! Here, Those Details

Minimum Wage Increase Left for 4th Meeting! Here, Those Details
Minimum Wage Increase Left for 4th Meeting! Here, Those Details

The Minimum Wage Determination Commission convened for the third time, hosted by the Turkish Confederation of Employers' Associations (TİSK), within the scope of the work to determine the minimum wage that will be valid in 2022.

In the official process of determining the new minimum wage, the third meeting was hosted by TİSK. In the meeting chaired by the General Manager of Labor Nurcan Önder, the Turkish Confederation of Employers' Associations (TİSK) represents the employers' committee and the Turkish Confederation of Workers' Unions (TÜRK-İŞ).

Nurcan Önder, General Director of Labor of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Nazmi Irgat, TÜRK-İŞ Secretary of General Education, and Akansel Koç, Secretary General of TİSK, answered the questions of journalists after the Minimum Wage Determination Commission meeting.

“Worker and employer agreed on worker SSI premiums, tax brackets, and minimum wage incentives”

Studies were carried out in the Commission with the economic parameters given by TURKSTAT, and the evaluations of the workers and employers on the subject were discussed.

Stating that the workers and employers agreed on some issues, Önder noted that there was a consensus between the workers and employers on the issues of reducing the worker's SSI premium, not collecting taxes from the minimum wage, and continuing the minimum wage employer incentive.

TİSK Secretary General Akansel Koç said, “We were proposing expected inflation in previous years, this time we propose actual inflation.” said. TÜRK-İŞ General Education Secretary Nazmi Irgat said, "Let's add a share of welfare on top of inflation."

The minimum wage is expected to be determined at the last meeting.

TİSK Secretary General KOÇ stated that since the beginning of the minimum wage negotiations, they have expressed their opinion that they will protect the employees against inflation. We will protect the employees against inflation, our negotiations are continuing on that," he said.

Underlining that the workers' and employers' committees agreed on certain issues at the meeting, Koç said, “We agreed on three issues. The first of these is to provide employees with the 5-point employer support provided to employers. The second is to reduce the first tax bracket to the annual gross minimum wage, and the third is to apply the minimum wage employer support, which has been applied for 5 years, to 6 percent in places with collective agreements, as in the first year, and 3 percent in places where there is no collective agreement.

TÜRK-İŞ General Education Secretary Irgat said that they started working in the minimum wage negotiations with the hope of determining a figure in which the economic processes experienced were taken into account and that the problems of the minimum wage workers could be eliminated.

Irgat said, “We have not been able to resolve our disagreements with the employer sector for now. Since the beginning of the year, the Turkish lira has lost nearly 85% of its value against exchange rates. The inflation, which has increased abnormally in the last 1,5 months, the decrease in the purchasing power of people, the change in prices have put the low-income people even more difficult. We expect the determination of a minimum wage that will take a share of welfare from market and market inflation and growth. We have not yet found a minimum wage that will make employees smile and increase the welfare level of employees," he said.

Negotiations are continuing for the minimum wage for 2022, and it is envisaged to determine the minimum wage that will be effective as of January 1 at the last meeting.

Günceleme: 10/12/2021 10:31

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