AKUT in Public-NGO Search and Rescue Exercise

AKUT in Public-NGO Search and Rescue Exercise
AKUT in Public-NGO Search and Rescue Exercise

AKUT Search and Rescue Association, the first search and rescue non-governmental organization of our country, together with the non-governmental organization and public search and rescue teams accredited by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency; He participated in the Public-NGO Search and Rescue Exercise held in Tekirdağ on 17-19 December 2021.

In the statement made by AKUT, it was informed that the “Old Fish Market” was used as the exercise deployment area and was carried out in the “Old Monopoly Buildings”.

The statement also stated that the exercise started on Friday, December 17, 2021, at 14.00, with the news of the 6.5-magnitude earthquake, the epicenter of which was Şarköy, as per the scenario, and then Tekirdağ Provincial Disaster and Emergency Coordination Board convened, and the Provincial Disaster and Emergency Management Center. declared to be operational. In addition, it was emphasized by the AFAD Presidency that "Level 3" was determined in the response to the earthquake and all the teams arrived in Tekirdağ on 17 December 2021 at around 23.30, after calling for an intervention to the national teams. It was noted that the exercise will be implemented 7/24 full time.

A total of 48 volunteers from AKUT's Istanbul, Bursa, Kocaeli, Tekirdağ and Ankara teams and search and rescue dog Kass participated in the exercise; It is aimed to test the service groups in the field and to increase the cooperation and coordination between them.

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