Abdi İbrahim Adds New Sustainability Awards to its Sustainability Awards

Abdi İbrahim Adds New Sustainability Awards to its Sustainability Awards
Abdi İbrahim Adds New Sustainability Awards to its Sustainability Awards

Abdi İbrahim, which has been operating in the pharmaceutical industry for 109 years with the aim of improving life, has received awards for its work in the field of sustainability. kazanyeast continues. Prestigious awards to Abdi İbrahim for its sustainability efforts, which it attaches great importance to kazancontinues to climb. This year, Abdi İbrahim's 4th Sustainability Report covering the period 2019-2020 was awarded the gold award in the Corporate Reports category of the Istanbul Marketing Awards, which is organized by taking into account the marketing processes of institutions and brands in the Turkish business world and consists of 5 main categories. kazanwas. At the Sustainable Development Goals Awards organized by the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey, Abdi İbrahim was awarded the silver award for its “Istanbul Esenyurt Production Complex – Renewable Energy” project.

Abdi İbrahim; The design of the Sustainability Report, whose content is designed in the light of sustainability studies such as the GRI standards, The European Green Deal, and the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the Prioritization Analysis and Organizational Life Cycle Analysis (O-LCA) with the participation of its stakeholders 9 strategic themes were determined under the headings of “past” and “future”. The message “The Healing Journey from the Past to the Future” was visualized with collages on these 9 themes. The collages, which carry traces of the past in visual references to Abdi İbrahim's past, present and future vision, are framed by the visual language of today's digital world. The illustrations used in the report were designed by the famous collage artist Selman Hoşgör. Illustrations shaped by the theme of sustainability were used on the cover and separator pages of the report. The photographs of Abdi İbrahim's facilities and headquarters in the report were taken by the famous architectural photographer Cemal Emden.

Believing in the importance and influence of stakeholders in progress in the field of sustainability, Abdi İbrahim's 5th Sustainability Report, which also includes the views of its internal and external stakeholders, has a presentation and expression that reflects the spirit of the company and makes reference to positive energy.

Abdi İbrahim, which sees the sustainability strategy and business strategies based on environmental, social and managerial pillars as parts of a whole that complements and feeds each other, aims to measure the impact of sustainability activities and to carry its impact further by looking at the results obtained with this report.

Abdi İbrahim, which sees long-term studies that will benefit social development with the aim of improving the future, as one of the important parts of its sustainability strategy and as an essential task, has projects related to social investment programs it has implemented in the fields of Health and Sports, Social Innovation, Science Awareness Raising among Youth and Volunteering for Social Needs Projects. and shares it with the public in its Sustainability Report.

The step, which constitutes one of the building blocks of Abdi İbrahim's efforts in the field of sustainability, started to meet the energy needs of all production facilities in the Istanbul Esenyurt Production Complex from solar and wind power plants on January 1, 2020. Breaking new ground in the sector, Abdi İbrahim started to use renewable energy sources.

The company plans all its activities with the Triple Bottom Line (TBL), a three-dimensional perspective developed by John Elkington, a guru in the field of sustainability, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. In this way, the company has the chance to measure its performance not only by the positive financial results created for its shareholders, but also by considering the positive effects it creates for the society and the environment.

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