When is the Minimum Wage Determination Commission Meeting? Minimum Wage Increase 2022

When is the Minimum Wage Determination Commission Meeting? Minimum Wage Increase 2022
When is the Minimum Wage Determination Commission Meeting? Minimum Wage Increase 2022

The fourth meeting for the minimum wage hike is expected to be held this week and the new minimum wage figure, which will be effective from 2022, is expected to be announced to the public. It is stated that many studies are carried out for the 2022 minimum wage, especially tax reduction and premium support. On the other hand; Along with the minimum wage, severance pay, unemployment, old age pension, minimum living allowance (AGI) will also increase.

The Minimum Wage Determination Commission, which consists of 5 people, including 15 representatives from workers, employers and the government, is expected to meet for the fourth and final time to determine the minimum wage for 2022. The commission convened on December 1,7, 9 and 3, and the parties could not reach an agreement on the increase in XNUMX meetings. The third meeting was locked due to inflation figures.

After the Minimum Wage Determination Commission meetings, TİSK announced that they recommended at least 3 thousand 500 liras for the minimum wage, while Türk-İş announced that there were red lines for 4 thousand liras. The increase in the minimum wage will have a positive effect on all employees, not just workers or those who receive a minimum wage.

Working General Manager Önder stated that the employers wanted the minimum wage to be 3100 TL, while TÜRK-İŞ offered 3900 TL for the minimum wage. General Manager of Labor Önder announced that the minimum wage will be decided at the last meeting.

Minimum Wage Increase Statement by Minister Bilgin

The Minister of Labor and Social Security, Bilgin, reminded that various estimations were made about the minimum wage and stated that there are approximately 6 million workers receiving minimum wage.

Emphasizing that the integrity of these people with their families should be taken into account, Bilgin drew attention to the fact that the minimum wage has the authority to determine other wages as well.

Noting that he had the Ministry do a research on this issue, Bilgin said that they asked the workers, employers and professional managers about their minimum wage expectations. Bilgin said:

“The vast majority of our workers, 37 percent, said that they expect between 3 thousand 750 and 4 thousand liras. A rate of 9 percent, they pronounced figures over 4 thousand liras. There were those who pronounced it lower. We've seen workers in small businesses pronounce numbers at lower levels. This is not without reason. They say: 'Yes, we want our wages to increase, but we want our business to continue.'

'So I don't know what your expectations are here, but we will realize a serious minimum wage increase that meets the expectations of the society and our workers. This will create a festive atmosphere for Turkey, for our employees, especially for our low-income minimum wage employees. I would like to announce this in advance.”

What Will Change with the Minimum Wage Increase?

TAX REFUND WILL INCREASED: All workers and civil servants working in Turkey receive the Minimum Living Allowance (AGI), known as tax refund. This figure is based on the current gross minimum wage.

The FDI of approximately 20 million employees will be increased by the beginning of the year. Currently, AGI is 268,31 TL per month for a single employee, and 3 TL for an unemployed worker with 456,13 children. These figures will increase in proportion to the increase in the minimum wage.

NEW ACCOUNT FOR COMPENSATION: With the new year, the amount of severance and notice indemnity of minimum wage earners will also change. The last gross salary of the worker is taken into account when calculating the severance and notice pay. This amount will increase with the increase in the minimum wage. A worker laid off in January will receive more compensation than a worker who left in December.

HIGH SALARY TO THE UNEMPLOYED: The lower and upper limits of the unemployment allowance given to the unemployed citizens are determined according to the minimum wage. The lowest unemployment benefit is 40 percent of the minimum wage. The upper limit is calculated as 80 percent of the minimum wage.

Unemployment benefits will also increase in proportion to the increase in the minimum wage. Currently, the lowest unemployment benefit is 1431 TL and the highest is 2 thousand 862 TL. For those who are currently receiving unemployment benefits, if they receive a salary from the ceiling, their allowances will increase in the new year.

ADVANTAGE TO SOCIAL PAYMENTS: While the 65-year-old pension and disability pensions and home care allowance are paid, the state of need is taken into account. While determining the situation of neediness, the income per person in the household should be less than one-third of the minimum wage for 65-year-old and disabled pensions, and less than two-thirds of the disability care allowance. The higher minimum wage will allow more citizens to benefit from these payments.

BONUS WILL INCREASED: With the increase in the minimum wage, SSK and Bağ-Kur premiums and optional premiums and GSS premiums will also increase. These premiums are calculated as 32 percent of the gross minimum wage. Borrowing will also increase. In other words, those who will be in debt for military service and birth will be paid higher amounts from January.


The minimum wage is currently applied as 3 thousand 577 lira and 50 kuruş per month for a single worker, and 2 thousand 825 lira and 90 kuruş net when taxes and deductions are deducted. For apartment workers, unlike normal workers, since income and stamp taxes are not deducted, net 3 thousand 40 liras is calculated as 87 cents. The total cost of the minimum wage to the employer is 4 thousand 203 liras and 56 cents for a worker.

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