What Heart Patients Should Know About the Omicron Variant

What Heart Patients Should Know About the Omicron Variant
What Heart Patients Should Know About the Omicron Variant

Omicron is more resistant to vaccines and those with chronic heart disease have higher ICU admission and death rates. The Omicron Variant is now available in over 90 countries. While Europe is currently talking about re-closures or restrictions, the Ministry of Health has announced that the Omicron Variant is also seen in Turkey. Altınbaş University Faculty of Medicine Inst. Member and Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. We talked to Özlem Esen about the effects and spread of the new variant.

prof. Özlem Esen mentioned that Turkey has been following the fluctuations of Covid 19 in the world for a few weeks. He emphasized that the real effects of Omicron will be felt in Turkey in three or four weeks and that the citizens should already have the 3rd dose of vaccines.

prof. Özlem Esen said, “Omicron is much more resistant to vaccines. In other words, the power of the antibodies produced by the vaccine to inactivate the virus is 40 times weaker. That's why the third dose of vaccines and reminder doses came into play. What we are most happy about on behalf of our country is the high rate of the second vaccination," he said. However, at this point, emphasizing the need to underline the third dose, "Our citizens should not trust that I have received 2 doses of the full vaccine, but should immediately get the 2rd dose of vaccine." warned. He reminded that the USA has announced that it has reduced the full vaccination criteria from 3 to 2 in CDC.

Pointing out that the Ministry of Health has already increased the measures in this regard, Prof.Dr. In the second issue, Özlem Esen pointed out that Omicron is spreading rapidly indoors, as well. He stated that especially England's New Year's celebrations will not be held indoors.

“The symptoms are less, people don't think they have Covid”

Prof. dr. Özlem Esen shared the information that deaths due to Omicron are less, and underlined that the most important reason for this is that we are a vaccinated society compared to a year ago. However, recent data from South Africa suggest that those who are not vaccinated, the elderly or those with chronic heart disease have higher rates of intensive care hospitalization and death. On the positive side, 'myocarditis', that is, heart muscle damage seen in people without known heart disease, is less with Omicron. Prof. dr. Özlem Esen touched upon some important issues that need to be known. “This variant reproduces 1 times more in the lungs and trachea. But the symptoms are much less. People do not think that they have Covid 70, just in this season when flu and cold conditions can be experienced. This is partly the reason for its rapid spread. The rate of the Omicron variant in the UK has reached 19%. They found this situation very worrying. We understand better that it is not necessary to be comfortable and that mask, distance and hygiene rules must be followed. It was like a lesson actually.” made statements.

On the other hand, Prof. Stating that he received information from Pfizer Biontech that Covid 2024 will be endemic in 19, Prof. Dr. Özlem Esen said, “Accordingly, we can hope that Covid 19 will continue to local regions, in countries where vaccination is lower. I hope we can live in these days too," he said.

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