Waste-Free Summit Climbing for Sustainable Uludağ

Waste-Free Summit Climbing for Sustainable Uludağ
Waste-Free Summit Climbing for Sustainable Uludağ

With the support of the Metropolitan Municipality, Nokta Mountaineering Sports Club carried out the 'Waste-Free Summit for Sustainable Uludağ' climbing under the auspices of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation.

In the first part of the program that took place as part of the International Mountain Day activities; Interviews titled 'Zero Waste Life', 'Zero Waste Summit', 'Sustainable Zero Waste and Life in Nature' were held at Merinos Atatürk Culture and Culture Center (Merinos AKKM). While mountaineer Emin Ali Kalcıoğlu signed his book for his fans, an exhibition of 'awarded mountain photographs' was opened at the event where a short film was screened.

Wasteless Summit…

On the second day of the event, the Uludağ summit climbing program was held. 07.00 mountaineers, who met at the Merinos AKKM North Gate at 124:1 on Sunday morning, set off with the vehicles allocated by the Metropolitan Municipality after the registration was completed. In Uludağ XNUMXst Hotel Region, Turkish Mountaineering Federation President Prof.Dr. Ersan Başar made an informative speech and drew attention to the meaning of the 'No Waste Summit'. Stating that the practice in which Bursa-Uludağ was chosen as the pilot region will continue in all summit and mountaineering activities, Başar emphasized that sustainable mountaineering and Waste-Free Summit are much more than 'leaving nature clean'. Stating that the main issue here is not to produce any waste, Başar also drew attention to the sustainable mountaineering mission and stated that new practices will be announced very soon.

124 mountaineers from Istanbul, Muğla, Sivas, Ankara, Rize, Erzurum, Kırıkkale and Bursa climbed in front of the Physical Education Facilities. The mountaineers, who followed the old Jeep Road and Kapı routes, continued to climb despite the harsh weather conditions. When reaching the ridge from the Kapı route to climb to Rasat Düzü Locality, it was decided to turn around because there was a severe storm.

The climbers who successfully completed the climb did not leave any waste to the nature by acting in accordance with the 'Zero Waste' and 'Waste-Free Summit' mission. During the climb, 124 plastic bottles, 124 nuts and snacks packaging, 124 food bags and 125 disposable hot drink glasses were not left as waste.

After the event, Nokta Mountaineering Sports Club Chairman Hacer Özkalender evaluated the day and thanked Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Turkish Mountaineering Federation President Ersan Başar for their contributions and support to the "Sustainable Uludağ without Waste Summit". Drawing attention to the importance of the Waste-Free Summit, which has achieved its goal, Özkalender stated that the event is a milestone to leave a more livable world to future generations and to fulfill their responsibilities towards the mountains and nature. Özkalender said that he shared the same excitement and happiness with all participating athletes throughout the event.

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