Two Circulars on Citizens Without a Place to Accommodation and Stray Animals

Two Circulars on Citizens Without a Place to Accommodation and Stray Animals
Two Circulars on Citizens Without a Place to Accommodation and Stray Animals

📩 22/12/2021 13:23

The Ministry of Interior sent two circulars on "Citizens Without a Place to Stay" and "Street Animals" to the governors of 81 provinces due to the cold weather that started to show its effect throughout Turkey.

In the circular titled “Citizens Without a Place to Stay”, it was requested that people in need of shelter in all provinces and districts be identified and suitable accommodation areas should be provided for these people.

According to the circular, those in this situation will primarily be placed in guesthouses of public institutions and organizations. In case the guesthouses of public institutions and organizations are insufficient, these people will be provided with accommodation in contracted hostels and hotels without any charge.

Health checks will be carried out for citizens who do not have a place to stay, and their needs such as fuel, basic food, clothing and health will be met. Awareness will be raised to support these people through social responsibility campaigns.

All kinds of support will be provided for these people to return to their homes by contacting their families.

Animal Feeding Groups Will Be Established

In the circular on “Street Animals”, it was reminded that the Animal Situation Monitoring (HAYDİ) mobile application, in which the notification, complaint and request mechanism is used effectively, has been implemented in order to prevent crimes and misdemeanors against animals, to prevent crimes and misdemeanors committed and to respond quickly.

In the circular, it was emphasized that the conditions of the winter season negatively affect daily life, and that the homeless and weakened animals living on the streets, which do not have the opportunity to shelter and feed, should be protected.

Accordingly, in the circular, the governorship and district governorships were asked to take measures to ensure the feeding, sheltering and veterinary services of stray animals by establishing coordination with local governments.

According to the circular, cooperation will be made with non-governmental organizations operating for stray animals, local animal protection officers and volunteers. Based on the regions where stray animals are found, "Animal Feeding Groups" consisting of local government, public institutions and organizations and volunteers will be formed.

For stray animals who have difficulty in finding food, food, feed, food and water will be regularly left at the points determined in the living areas of stray animals such as parks and gardens, especially animal shelters.

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