Toyota to Offer 2030 Battery Electric Models by 30

Toyota to Offer 2030 Battery Electric Models by 30
Toyota to Offer 2030 Battery Electric Models by 30

Toyota has announced its plans for new battery electric vehicles that will mark the coming period. At the press conference held by Toyota President Akio Toyoda, an important electric vehicle attack begins with the strategy announced to the whole world.

At its press conference, Toyota will create a product range consisting of 2030 battery electric vehicles in the passenger and commercial segments by 30. At the meeting, 4 fully electric models, including the all-new bZ16X, representing vehicles of the upcoming period and preparing to be introduced to the market, were shown.

President Akio Toyoda also announced that they aim to achieve annual sales of 2030 million battery electric vehicles globally by 3.5.

Toyota continues to offer the most suitable solutions to its customers by investing in electric motor vehicles for a long time.

Offering more than 100 only internal combustion engine, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell electric models globally, Toyota operates in 170 countries and regions. Having invested approximately 26 trillion yen in the past 1 years, Toyota has produced more than 19 million batteries. Toyota also announced its decision to increase its investment to 2 trillion yen for more advanced, high-quality and more accessible batteries.

In addition to battery electric vehicles, Toyota continues to develop alternative solutions such as fuel cell hydrogen powered vehicles and hydrogen internal combustion engines.

The vehicles exhibited at the press conference gave clues about the ever-expanding bZ (beyond Zero) product range. The product range, which started with the bZ4X, will gradually expand globally. The new bZ series models that will join the bZ4X will consist of options such as bZ's compact crossover model, bZ compact SUV, bZ Sedan and bZ large SUV, and will expand the bZ product range in all areas.

Toyota will also expand its fully electric product range with life style products. These will include electric sports cars, off-road vehicles, pick-up models and commercial vehicles.

As part of this strategy, Toyota plans to reduce CO2035 emissions by 2 percent from new vehicle sales in Western Europe by 100.

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