Touristic Eastern Express 2022 Ticket Prices Announced

Touristic Eastern Express 2022 Ticket Prices Announced
Touristic Eastern Express 2022 Ticket Prices Announced

The longing for the Touristic Orient Express, which was suspended due to the pandemic, is finally coming to an end this month. TCDD, which has been suspended since March 28, 2020, restarts on Wednesday, December 15th.

Passengers departing from Ankara and moving towards Kars both taste different flavors and have the opportunity to see historical and cultural values.

Trains will depart from Ankara at 15.55 and from Kars at 22.20. The train will depart from the old Ankara Station.

2022 Touristic Eastern Express Ticket Schedule

The 2022 prices of the Touristic Eastern Express have also been announced. The price per person for the 15-person bed compartment of the Touristic Dogu Express, which will start on December 2, has been determined as 650 TL. In other words, when you buy a ticket for 2 people, the room price will be 1300 TL. Tickets are not yet on sale. But the first trip will be on December 15.

You can get information from the TCDD e-ticket page to buy tickets. A single pullman ticket for the non-tourist Eastern Express is 68 liras per person.

While the Touristic Eastern Express is in the direction of Ankara-Kars, it stops for 2 hours and 20 minutes in Erzincan, 3 hours in İliç and 3 hours in Erzurum. On the Kars – Ankara direction, it takes 2,5 hours in Divriği and 3,5 in Bostankaya. Whereas, the stops of the Eastern Express Main Line Train only take a few minutes.

Touristic Orient Express; By stopping for a long time at Erzincan, Erzincan-Ilic, Erzurum, Sivas-Divriği and Sivas-Bostankaya stations, it allows its passengers to explore not only Kars but also Sivas, Erzurum and Erzincan, which are on its route.

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