Popular Hatchback Vehicle 'Kia Rio' in Turkey

Popular Hatchback Vehicle 'Kia Rio' in Turkey
Popular Hatchback Vehicle 'Kia Rio' in Turkey

In its fourth generation, Kia Rio prefers the slogan “Start the Journey from Zero”. Standing out with its renewed Kia logo, wide grilles and affordable prices, Rio easily stands out among hatchback vehicles.

Let's examine the 2021 model Kia Rio, which has managed to become one of the most popular hatchback vehicles in Turkey.

Kia Rio Which Segment?

Kia has many different vehicle models in sedan, SUV or hatchback body types. Picanto, Rio and Ceed in hatchback body type, Kia models offered for sale in Turkey. Picanto is in A class and Ceed is in C class. So the Picanto is a small vehicle and the Ceed is a large vehicle. The Rio, on the other hand, is neither as small as Picanto nor as large as Ceed, thanks to its B-class.

What Kind of Car Is Kia Rio?

If a Kia Rio review is going to be made, one of the issues that must be examined is what kind of car it is. Kia Rio is an urbanite with its stylish and dynamic lines. In addition, thanks to its small size, it prevents parking problems. Powered by 1.2 and 1.4 liter DPI gasoline engines, the car offers low fuel consumption and high performance together.

Design of Kia Rio

In the exterior design of Kia Rio, bright colors, laterally extended headlight group and wide grille stand out. The waistline of the vehicle, which starts from the headlight group and extends to the rear headlight group, or as you can see in some sources, the character line is quite high. In addition, there is a line following the waist line between the tailgate and integrated stop groups. Thus, the vehicle is surrounded by a very sharp line all around.

The first thing that can be said when looking at the interior of the vehicle is spaciousness. Kia Rio, which has a very spacious and spacious interior compared to many B-class vehicles, also impresses with its technological features. The 8” multimedia screen resembles a large tablet with its design that appears to be separate from the console. Speakers placed at different points of the vehicle create a very pleasant atmosphere for those who like to listen to music.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when Kia is mentioned is the hardware. Because Kia models are always rich in hardware.

What's in Kia Rio's Equipment?

Kia Rio has all kinds of equipment, from a multimedia screen to a digital air conditioner. Of course, the available features may vary according to the hardware packages. Kia Rio's packages are called by 4 different names. After Cool, which is the entry-level equipment option, Elegance Tekno, Elegance Comfort and Prestige equipment levels come.

The highlights of the Kia Rio Cool equipment package are as follows: Steering wheel and gear knob, 4,2” Supervision instrument information display, cup holder in the front console, Bluetooth connection and glasses storage compartment.

In addition to Cool, the highlights of the Kia Rio Elegance Techno equipment package are as follows: 8” touch screen multimedia screen, front armrest with storage, 6 speakers, Bluetooth connection with Voice Control System, rear view camera and Apple CarPlay support.

In the Kia Rio Elegance Comfort equipment package, in addition to Elegance Tekno, the highlights are as follows: 3-stage heated front seats and heated steering wheel.

In addition to Elegance Comfort in the Kia Rio Prestige equipment package, the highlights are as follows: Metal Leg, 16” aluminum alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights and electrically opening sunroof.

Finally, it should be noted that Kia Rio's safety equipment is standard. So there is no difference in any hardware package. Kia Rio includes safety technologies such as Cruise Control and Limitation System, ISOFIX mounts, airbags, HAC (Hill Start Assist System), ABS and ESP.

Technical Specifications of Kia Rio

Kia Rio, which has 2 small but powerful gasoline engines, can produce up to 100 PS. You can see the engines and technical specifications of Kia Rio in the table below.

Kia Rio 1.2L DPI 1.4L DPI
Engine gasoline gasoline
Gearbox 5 Speed ​​Manual 6 Speed ​​Automatic
Cylinder Displacement (cc) 1.197 1.368
Diameter x Stroke (mm) 71,0 x 75,6 72,0 x 84,0
Maximum Power (PS/rpm) Zones Zones
Maximum Torque (Nm/d/d) Zones Zones
Urban (L/100 km) 6,6 8,8
Extra-urban (L/100 km) 4,3 5,0
Average (L/100 km) 5,1 6,2

In short, Kia Rio offers both a powerful vehicle and low fuel consumption for its size. The aspect that pleases the users as much as the technical features of Kia Rio is its prices.

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