Season Opened with a Ceremony at Salda Ski Center

Season Opened with a Ceremony at Salda Ski Center
Season Opened with a Ceremony at Salda Ski Center

Burdur Governor Ali Arslantaş and his wife Hatice Arslantaş attended the season opening ceremony of the "Salda Ski Center", which offers the opportunity to ski among the green forests, in the unique Salda Lake view, in natural beauties.

Speaking at the opening, Governor Arslantaş stated that they opened the season with the slogan "Let no one who does not know ski stay stay" and stated that free ski courses will be given to students from all age groups, starting from the 1st grade, and invited all ski lovers to the Salda Ski Center.

The season opening ceremony was held at the Salda Ski Center with a view of Salda Lake, where green, white and blue are intertwined in the Yeşilova district of Burdur.

Salda Ski Center, which has been hosting an increasing number of ski lovers every year since its opening in 2012, serves ski lovers as one of the new addresses and rising value of the region in Winter Tourism.

The season opening ceremony, which took place today, started with the protocol speeches. Governor Arslantaş, Burdur Deputies Bayram Özçelik, Mehmet Göker, Yasin Uğur, District Governor Muhammed Emin Tutal, Yeşilova Mayor Mümtaz Şenel made speeches at the ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Governor Arslantaş said; “Burdur is located in a geography that offers unique views to its visitors, with its prominent places in both summer and winter tourism.

As of today, we are starting to host ski lovers. Our ski resort does not have a black runway. There is a track length of around 4 thousand meters, suitable for those who will start skiing for the first time and those who are just learning to ski.

Our motto is "Let There Be No One Who Doesn't Know Ski", children need to learn this sport from the core. The trainers of our Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate will be here throughout the season. They will provide free courses to all students sent by our municipalities from our province and districts.

There will be no students in our city who do not know how to ski from the first grade of primary school to the last year of high school. Our slogan; do not know skiing. We will also provide free ski equipment to students who come to the center.

We don't know if a child who meets skiing today will become a world champion in the future, but at least we will see him as a ski and sports lover.

We will also be planning a tent and caravan parking area overlooking Salda Lake. Our aim is to spread tourism to 12 months in our city. The reason for the construction of the ski center is the effort to continue tourism activities for 12 months by adding winter tourism to summer tourism.' He wished a good ski season.

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