Collaborative Production Era Begins with Hybrid Working

The era of collaborative production begins with hybrid working
The era of collaborative production begins with hybrid working

With the increase in digital applications and machines now acting as a natural extension of human beings, hybrid understanding in production is becoming increasingly important. kazanhe's eating. While systems that work in cooperation with people, not replacing human labor force, create a brand new wave of rise in production, companies manage to raise their efficiency level to a higher level. Schunk, the world leader in robotic automation equipment, CNC machine workpiece clamping systems and tool holders, provides high added value to the industry with its collaborative systems that combine digital and conventional methods. Integrating its production approach with new generation hybrid solutions with the technologies it has signed, Schunk sets global standards with its smart systems and digital services.

Applications that digitize processes and solutions that facilitate the work of stakeholders, who are the most important link in the industry chain, are the driving force of the industrial age. The dominance of digital and robotic technologies in the hybrid working order based on collaboration and shared sharing is turning into a fundamental argument for companies to increase their competitiveness and make them sustainable. At this point, technology pioneer Schunk, which offers the most comprehensive solutions for robot applications with its flexible, smart and sentient products, provides its customers with freedom in production and service in the era of mobility.

The quality and efficiency of the human workforce will increase

Pointing out that the hybrid understanding based on cooperation is an effective system that can respond to Industry 4.0, Schunk Turkey and Middle East Country Manager Emre Sönmez said, “Systems that are integrated into existing conditions and increase the quality of the human workforce are decisive in increasing productivity by minimizing the error rate in all processes. is happening. It provides cost and time advantage by preventing possible disruptions in the production line. At the same time, it increases the flexibility in the processes of providing products and services and raises the standards in product / service quality thanks to their repeatability. As Schunk, we think that the hybrid approach will be an application that will guide the Turkish and world industry and will stand out in the business model of the future, and we build our systems accordingly. Today, we perform many of our services through digital applications, and we increase human and technology cooperation with the robotic and autonomous solutions we produce.

Digital applications come into play to develop products

Emphasizing that they rapidly digitize their products and services in accordance with the world by following global technological developments very closely, Emre Sönmez said; “With the pandemic that has left lasting effects on the industrial structure, we accelerate our investments in digitalization and hybrid work. kazanwe nagged. In this context, we launched the CoLab (Colaborative Gripper Application Center) application so that our users can develop product applications and perform product tests. With this application, our customers can test their automation solutions in a realistic environment. In addition, with our engineer support, we offer our customers the opportunity to develop the most appropriate solution. In addition, we established the Technical Center, where manufacturers can monitor and get information about machining processes in machining by connecting to the application center with a camera system. We are constantly informing our customers about innovations by conducting trainings on this application on a regular basis.”

A digital library with more than 4 application images

Sönmez said that industry stakeholders offer archives with rich content in order to achieve macro growth; “Schunk's Digital Application Center has more than 4 application images of different products and machines. We show our customers similar applications in different countries through the Digital Application Center, a living and constantly updated system. In this way, we ensure that our customers are aware of other applications. Our employees constitute one of the most important links of the stakeholder chain. In this context, offline training modules on Schunk product groups were created for our employees with Germany-based E-Academy. Our employees can attend these trainings and get certificates whenever they want. As Schunk Turkey, which has developed remote working models with the effect of the pandemic, we focus on online training and meetings," he concluded.

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