Effects of Coastal Rehabilitation Project in Mavişehir

Effects of Coastal Rehabilitation Project in Mavişehir
Effects of Coastal Rehabilitation Project in Mavişehir

The effects of the Coastal Rehabilitation Project, implemented by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to prevent the floods experienced in Mavişehir, which is below the sea level, especially during the periods when the sea rises, were seen. In the last two days, there was no flood in this region during the torrential rains that have affected the city. The situation created satisfaction among the residents of the neighborhood.

The Coastal Rehabilitation Project of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to put an end to the floods caused by the rising sea level in Mavişehir, which is below the sea level, especially during the days of severe windstorms, showed its effect. According to the information received from the meteorology, the precipitation is above the average of December for many years in the first 13 days of the month. KarşıyakaThere was no fear in the Mavişehir region, where the project was implemented in .

It's over now

Mavişehir Neighborhood Headman Gürol Küçükgörur said, “Unfortunately, one of our biggest problems for years was the water that came into the neighborhood with the rise of the sea here. We think that this has come to an end with the last rehabilitation project. Despite the sea rise after the last rains, we did not have any problems. It has been fixed that the project prevents flooding,” he said.

The difference was felt

Neighborhood resident Zeki Sungur, who stated that the rehabilitation work helped the region breathe, said, “I have been living here for 16 years. The flooding of the sea has created some problems here before. I wandered around the study area today. The last rains have not had an effect on our neighborhood at the moment. The work has been beneficial, and I believe it will. I myself went, wandered, saw. We did not encounter any difficulties. I did not see the sea overflowing this way. The difference was felt. I have seen in the past that the water was rumbling to these sides," he said.

What was done within the scope of the study?

The works carried out by the Department of Science Affairs on the 2.2-kilometer coastline, which starts in front of Deniz Kent Restaurant near the Peynircioğlu Stream and extends to the north, including the Blue Island region, were completed in October. Within the scope of the works, 4 kilometers of in-water concrete, which is 2,2 meters below the ground, has been produced in order to prevent both the flood that may occur due to sea water swell in the coastal area and the passage of sea water under the ground; The rock fortifications in the front were also rebuilt. It was aimed to protect the area from the wave effect of the rock fortification, which was built 160 centimeters above sea level in the front part. In addition, a 707-meter-long rainwater line was laid to collect rainwater in residential areas. The collected water was given to the sea through the pumps in the existing pumping station. Within the scope of the project, there are two sea ladders of 53 and 32 meters in length and bird islets where children will recognize birds. This area will also be used for artistic events.

Rainfall above the December average

According to the information received from the Meteorology Regional Directorate Karşıyaka In the region (2014 – 2021), while the long-term average of December was 75.4 kilograms, 1 kilograms of precipitation per square meter fell between 13-2021 December 131.5.

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