The Economic Support Package was Received Very Positively by the Real Sector

Economy Support Package
Economy Support Package

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that the economic support package announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan yesterday was received very positively by the real sector.

Minister Varank attended the "Impact Analysis Studies Evaluation Workshop" held by the Ministry of Industry and Technology at the Presidential National Library Conference Hall. Minister Varank, in his speech here, said that in accordance with the vision of the National Technology Move, Turkey will continue to be the production base of critical technologies without stopping.


Emphasizing that the production capability of the Turkish economy has been proven to the whole world during the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, Varank said that the markets that could not reach their suppliers in the Far East are trying to overcome the supply problems thanks to the fulfillment of the commitments of the manufacturers in Turkey. Noting that the center of gravity of the global economy has changed at a time when supply chains are so disrupted, Varank said that it is now moving towards a multipolar global economy, not a unipolar one.


Stating that they prepared Turkey in the strongest way for the post-epidemic world, Varank said:

“We focused on a single goal under the leadership of our President. Turkey's new global economy kazanWe are committed to making the moment. This ability, this power, and most importantly, this will exists in Turkey. I have already expressed how unfair it is to measure the Turkish economy, which differs positively in growth, makes a significant progress in employment, and turns its wheels strongly in production, only in terms of exchange rates. We are now leaving behind the dark clouds created by those who ignore the power of the Turkish economy with their comments on the exchange rates, and those who reflect the inflation problem experienced all over the world as if it is a problem unique to our country. At this point, I see that the economic support package announced by our President yesterday was received very positively by the real sector. We watched together how those who tried to portray our country as detached from the free market regime and the basic economy openly hostile towards the Turkish economy. I think the smug ones who look down on everyone and call themselves 'economists' have probably understood how we have a variety of vehicles in free market conditions.”


Pointing to the new economic practices announced by President Erdogan yesterday, Varank said, “Our entrepreneurs who want to invest in Turkey will be able to access financing at low cost. Those who want to export will be able to see the future. Anyone who wants to diversify their production and increase their employment will see their state in the strongest possible way. The Turkish economy will continue on its way with sure steps.” made its assessment.


Stating that they will continue to diversify financial instruments with the awareness that green and digital transformation will be the driving force in the new economy, Varank said, “Our main priority is to ensure stability and predictability. While doing this, we will never compromise our disciplined public finance policy. There is no doubt that the relief we provide with the increase in the minimum wage will be reflected to all segments with the income tax exemption we provide. I would like to emphasize that we will grow the Turkish economy with more production, more employment, more investments and more exports, not with demography and word-salad, as the opposition did. We are rapidly entering a period in which we will increase the bread and hope of our nation under the leadership of our President. We will continue to produce solid policies and tools on this path.” used the phrases.

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