TAI Increases Education and Research Collaborations

TAI Increases Education and Research Collaborations
TAI Increases Education and Research Collaborations

Turkish Aerospace Industries strengthens its international academic agreements with national universities. Having signed an agreement with universities within the scope of education and research cooperation, Turkish Aerospace Industries, Ukraine's leading aviation university, together with the National Aerospace University of Ukraine (Kharkiv Avation Institute), Istanbul Technical University, Gazi University and Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt. Collaborated with the University.

While it is aimed to increase the education and research activities of engineers working in Turkey's most important projects, it will also gain from the experience of universities. Until 2023, it is aimed to increase cooperation with universities, which are in a strong position, especially in the fields of aviation and engineering, in national and international positions.

Speaking about increasing academic collaborations, Turkish Aerospace Industry General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said: “Performing academic studies together with our deep-rooted universities will strengthen our company and our engineers academically. We should reach our young people from more areas to tell about the projects we have done, we should tell them about the projects we do and let them see them. In order to create our national projects, we not only provide an ecosystem with subcontractors and various agreements, but also strive to strengthen our infrastructure and foundations in important issues such as research and education.”

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