Soyer: 'We Want to Bring Turkey's Village Theaters together in İzmir'

Soyer: 'We Want to Bring Turkey's Village Theaters together in İzmir'
Soyer: 'We Want to Bring Turkey's Village Theaters together in İzmir'

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Village Theaters Festival closed the curtain with the play "The Ladies of the Town" by Ulamış Village Theatre. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer's eyes filled with tears in the face of the unforgettable performance of the actors from Seferihisar. Expressing that he wanted to realize a festival that would bring together village theaters in Turkey, Soyer said, “I wish that it will set an example for Turkey and that our producing people will meet with art more.”

Village theaters, which were established to start art production in the countryside with the vision of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, who worked as an actor and assistant director at the Ankara Art Theater during his university years, to make Izmir a city that consumes and produces art at the same time, made a strong impression with their performances throughout the week.

The final of the Village Theaters Festival, which was first planted in Seferihisar by President Tunç Soyer and held between 25-28 December, was held at the Historical Coal Gas Factory. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer and his wife Neptün Soyer, as well as İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay, actor and director Ümmiye Koçak, Theater Director Vedat Murat Güzel. , village theater trainers, village theater actors and many art lovers attended.

Spectacular performance from Ulaş's actors

The play named “The Ladies of the Town”, which carries the traces of Ulaş's unique culture and has a musical taste, provided pleasant moments. The actors, who became giant on the stage with their unique performances, burst into laughter from the audience, who filled the hall from 7 to 70.

After the play, Urla's Barbaros Village Theater, Çeşme's Reisdere Village Theater, Güzelbahçe's Yelki Village Theater actors and theater instructors took the stage with their dance performances. President Tunç Soyer, Neptün Soyer, actress and director Ümmiye Koçak and Arslanköy Women's Theater team were also invited to the stage with applause. The theatergoers thanked Mayor Tunç Soyer, the architect of the village theatres, by presenting them with valuable handicraft gifts. President Soyer presented flowers to the village theater actors and trainers.

“Let it be an example for Turkey”

President Tunç Soyer, who came to the stage with tears in his eyes, said, “I have been saying it since the first day. İzmir should be a city that consumes art and produces at the same time. How will it produce? First, it will produce villages that will green up this ancient culture. I am proud of my teacher Vedat. He continues to work with incredible determination. It's getting bigger and bigger. I am proud to see this. I hope it will set an example for Turkey. Let our producing women and producing people meet with art more. Because the theater is a mirror, it introduces us to us. I hope people in many more villages will meet with this powerful art form. They enrich their lives,” he said.

Festival to bring together Turkey's village theaters

Talking about the importance of spreading the village theaters to Turkey, Soyer said, “We want these seeds that we sprinkled in Seferihisar to sprout not only in İzmir but also all over Turkey. For this reason, we want to bring to life a Village Theater Festival, which will bring together our village theaters from all over Turkey, hosted by İzmir, the capital of the arts. I believe that this festival will make Turkey even more beautiful with art and will strengthen peace, love and labor even more.”

“I beg you, don't let go of Tunç Soyer”

Actress Ümmiye Koçak, an exemplary representative of the Turkish women's movement, said, “You are very lucky, appreciate your worth, you have a wonderful president. She loves art. I'm not saying it to be silly. This is such an amazing project. I hope this project of our Tunç President and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will set an example for everyone. There will be such a unit in provinces, districts and all municipalities. Village theaters unite. Because if the villages don't stand up, the cities won't stand up. Nothing violent. It happens with art. The best way to describe people with people… My Tunç President does this very well, too. I beg of you, take care of Tunç Soyer, do not let go of him," he said.

“Most of them had never even been to the theater in their lives”

Theater director Vedat Murat Güzel said, “There is culture and wealth in the villages of İzmir. The emergence and value of all these can only be possible with a worthy president. I observed how much effort he put into labor, women, children and peasants for 10 years. How happy is Izmir. At the request of our president, we started training in the districts so that the story that started in Seferihisar could spread to all districts of İzmir. They have worked with great success. Most of them had never even been to the theater in their lives. They worked hard in the field from their busy time, and took the stage for the second time in less than five months. It has been a very enjoyable process,” he said.

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