Presidency of State Council to Procure 5 Employees

presidency of state council
presidency of state council

The Council of State has published a permanent staff recruitment announcement. For the recruitment of 5 servants, 60 points from High School, Associate Degree and Bachelor's graduate KPSS will be required.

The Council of State has published a recruitment notice. In order to meet the deficiency within the Presidency, 60 KPSS Officers will be recruited. Within the scope of Article 657/A of the Civil Servants Law No. 4, according to the results of the Oral Entrance Exam for Permanent Personnel Recruitment, 11 Employees will be recruited for the 5th grade staff. We share with you the details of the announcement, whose applications will start in 2022.

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What are the Application Conditions for Permanent Personnel (Servant) Recruitment?

For the recruitment of personnel to the Presidency of the Council of State, the qualifications in Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48 will be sought in general. According to this, the conditions will be "To be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, Not to be deprived of public rights, Not to be convicted of any crime that may prevent him from performing his duty, To have done his military service or not be related to military service for male candidates, Not to be convicted of any crime".

Special Conditions for the Oral Exam?

  • To be under the age of 35 as of the first day of January of the year in which the exam will be held,
  • Having received at least 2020 points from the KPSS conducted in 94 from KPSSP93 for High School, KPSSP3 for Associate Degree and KPSSp60 for Undergraduate Degree,
  • To be at least high school graduate,

Applications will start in 2022!

The applications for the permanent staff recruitment of the Presidency of the State Council will start on January 10, 2021. Applications to be made until 20 January 2021 at the latest will only be made according to the above qualifications. Candidates who will apply will apply through the career address in the electronic environment with the e-Government password.

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