Parks in Izmir Are Organized as Earthquake Gathering Areas

Parks in Izmir Are Organized as Earthquake Gathering Areas
Parks in Izmir Are Organized as Earthquake Gathering Areas

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its works in line with the vision of . First application BayraklıIt was held in Hasan Ali Yücel Park in .

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIt continues to work in line with the vision of . After the 30 October Izmir earthquake, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented the most comprehensive earthquake research and risk reduction projects in Turkey, has recently started working to create safe meeting areas that will respond to the urgent needs of the people in disaster situations. The first application was the opening of the earthquake monument in memory of 30 people who lost their lives in the 117 October earthquake. BayraklıIt was implemented in Hasan Ali Yücel Park in Istanbul.

Precaution against power cuts

The park was renovated according to the needs after the earthquake. Necessary infrastructure works were carried out in order to meet the basic needs such as electricity, water, toilet, shower and laundry in the event of a disaster. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality also placed urban equipment consisting of three modules in Hasan Ali Yücel Park. It was ensured that the solar energy system was activated against power cuts in urban equipment. Locked warehouses were created under the seating units to store the needed materials. Tarpaulins were placed in the warehouses to be used for shelter until the tents were set up after the disaster.

There is water, a health kit and a blanket.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Parks and Gardens Department, Green Areas Planning Project Branch Manager Müge Deniz Bal said that after the İzmir earthquake, they reconsidered the needs of the parks and started to produce designs accordingly. Müge Deniz Bal stated that they started to use urban furniture, which increases the comfort of the citizens in daily use and meets their needs in emergencies, in this park for the first time and said, “There are prototype furniture consisting of three sets in Hasan Ali Yücel Park. It has a locked storage chamber. There are also products such as water, emergency medical bags and blankets that can meet emergency needs in the locked storage tank. We have a unit that takes its energy from the sun and provides electricity during a possible power cut in the area of ​​a disaster, and this unit has a wi-fi connection. In addition, disabled vehicles can be charged from here. We can turn these units into a closed area in order to protect our citizens from adverse weather conditions in the event of an earthquake. Bal also stated that they are planning to expand the earthquake parks throughout İzmir.

very well thought out

Necati Yurdakul, a resident of the neighborhood, stated that they were happy to work and said, “There was a great disaster here. The number who gave the greatest support to erase the traces of this disaster Tunç Soyer And thank you very much to your team. This arrangement is also very well thought out,” he said.

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