KIPTAS is both Urban Transformation and Home Owner

KIPTAS is both Urban Transformation and Home Owner
KIPTAS is both Urban Transformation and Home Owner

KİPTAŞ prepares risky buildings for earthquakes by laying the foundations of on-site transformation in Güngören. On the other hand, it makes low-income citizens homeowners in Silivri. KİPTAŞ, which will lay the groundwork for on-site transformation in Güngören on December 22, will make 400 families host in Silivri on December 25.

KİPTAŞ has rolled up its sleeves to solve the earthquake and the housing stock problem suitable for low-income families, which are among the biggest problems of Istanbul. KİPTAŞ will first start the on-site transformation in Güngören and then determine the beneficiaries of Silivri 4th Stage residences, which it has produced for low-income families.

KİPTAŞ solved the housing problem of the residents of Doğakent site with 2017 residences, which was declared a risky building in 136 and demolished in Güngören. The residents of the site, who could not agree with any company within the scope of on-site transformation for 5 years, agreed with KIPTAS. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluThe foundation of the on-site transformation project to be held in Güngören with the participation of . will be laid on 22 December (tomorrow).

The rights holders of Doğakent site, which have been waiting for the transformation of its risky structures for a long time; will have their new home, which is safe, resistant to earthquakes, social facilities, equipment areas and a closed parking lot. The new project of KİPTAŞ will consist of a total of 150 independent units, including 14 residences and 164 commercial units. While 136 residences will be given to beneficiaries, the remaining residences will be used for financing the same project.

In this way, the new management of KİPTAŞ will lay the foundation of the third 'on-site transformation' project in Güngören on 22 December. The new management of KİPTAŞ carried out the first two of the 'on-site transformation' project in Eyüpsultan and Bağcılar districts. The new management developed 8 projects in total. Of these, 4 were social housing, one was resource development, and three were on-site transformations.


Silivri 4th Stage residences, one of the social housing projects produced by KİPTAŞ for low- and middle-income families, find their beneficiaries. The beneficiaries of Silivri 2020th Stage residences, which KİPTAŞ laid the foundations in 446 and which consists of 4 independent units, will be determined by lot. IMM President for the drawing of lots to be held in the presence of a notary public. Ekrem İmamoğlu will also attend. The drawings will take place on 25 December at 12:XNUMX at the Küçükçekmece Municipality Yahya Kemal Beyatlı Performance Center.

KİPTAŞ Silivri project broke the record with the highest number of applications in the district as 3 thousand 40 applications at the end of the 392-week pre-application period.


Silivri 4th Stage Residences consists of 32 blocks. In the project, there are a total of 474 residences, including 2 1+702 open kitchens, 2 1+220 closed kitchens, 3 1+394 flats, each of which has an inaccessible balcony. At the same time, there are 50 shops and one kindergarten on the street.


Within the scope of the International Design Awards 2020, the only project from Turkey to receive an award in the 'architecture' category was KİPTAŞ Silivri 4th Stage Residences.

In the project, social reinforcement areas were combined with green areas and the neighborhood texture was strengthened. The area with the least slope on the land was landscaped and transformed into a green valley that feeds the project.

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