Bungalow Houses Project in Hot Çermik Continues Quickly

Bungalow Houses Project in Hot Çermik Continues Quickly

Bungalow Houses Project in Hot Çermik Continues Quickly

Bungalow Houses Project, which will contribute to city tourism by adding value to Hot Çermik, continues rapidly. Sivas Mayor Hilmi Bilgin, who examined the project on site; “Together with Bungalow Evler, Hot Çermik will be the shining star of Sivas. Good luck for our city." said.

Hot Çermik Thermal Spring, which has an important place in terms of thermal, health and nature tourism, has started to become a center of attraction with the state and private sector investments made in recent years.

Hot Çermik, which has been one of the indispensable holiday places of Sivas people for many years, attracts holiday lovers with new thermal hotels built by the private sector, social facilities built by our municipality and the governorship.

Our Municipality, which continues its investments in order to make good use of the tourism potential in Çermik, is building bungalow-type houses in the southern part of the region. The construction works of the houses, which also contain thermal water, reached the level of 50 percent.

Mayor Hilmi Bilgin stated that 22 bungalow houses will be built in the summer season and that the number of bungalow houses will be increased to 18 with the second phase of the project, which will cost approximately 50 million liras.

President Bilgin, who made examinations of the region where the studies were carried out; “Hot Çermik is one of the important tourism regions of Sivas… With the Golden Castle, Tent City and Bungalow Houses we brought to this region, I hope we will bring Hot Çermik to the identity of a holiday village and we will introduce Sivas to the world better. We have a hotel belonging to our Municipality in Hot Çermik, the Aqua Park project has also been completed. We could not open it due to the pandemic, but hopefully we will put it into service when the environment becomes a little more normal. Hot Çermik will be the shining star of Sivas in the upcoming period, together with the tent city, the Golden Castle and the Bungalow Houses, which will add a different value when completed. Yıldız Mountain and Hot Çermik are a project that will contribute greatly to the economy and promotion of Sivas, both with winter tourism and thermal tourism. Our project will be completed in 6 months. We will have put 22 bungalow houses into service in the first place. Good luck to our city, our region and our country," he said.

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