Are IETT Buses, Metro and Ferry Free on January 1 in Istanbul?

Public Transportation Free in Istanbul on January 1
Public Transportation Free in Istanbul on January 1

Are buses, metro and ferry free on January 1st? Is public transportation free on New Year's Eve? Public transportation vehicles in Istanbul will provide free service on Saturday, January 1, the first holiday of the new year. Due to the intensity to be experienced at the beginning of the year, public transportation vehicles will also work 24 hours and additional flights will be placed.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu's proposal and with the approval of the IMM Assembly, public transportation vehicles have been providing free service on religious and national holidays and public holidays for the last 2 years in Istanbul. Public transportation will be free on Saturday, January 1, 2022, the first public holiday of the new year.

In addition, considering the intensity of the New Year's Eve, bus and metro services will serve 24 hours a day. IETT will organize 15 flights on 186 separate lines on New Year's Eve along with normal night lines. In addition to the night services normally organized, there will be 24 more flights on the 125-hour metrobus line.

All metros with rails in Istanbul will operate for 24 hours and additional flights will be added. The flights will continue uninterruptedly from 31:06.00 on 2 December Friday to 02.00:XNUMX on Sunday XNUMX January. Taksim-Kabataş The funicular will continue to operate until 1:02.00 on January XNUMXst.

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