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MGC legal
MGC legal

We would like to address an important issue for citizens living in Europe or other countries. The cases of Turkish citizens living abroad should be followed up in Turkey. When we look at these cases that are followed, it helps in areas such as employment contracts, employment law cases, dismissals and resignations, work compensation in the field of labor law. It helps in areas such as layoffs and resignations, work compensation. In commercial law, it helps in areas such as insurance and contracts, while in corporate law it helps in matters such as shareholders' agreement, acquisitions, joint ventures. Turkish Law Firm We think that this news we made with MGC will be useful for you.

It also deals with areas such as enforcement and bankruptcy law, competition cases, credit contract review, criminal law, heavy criminal cases, traffic cases. Apart from these, it helps in areas such as work permit, visa, citizenship as foreigners law, while also looking at health law. In the field of family law, while following divorce, alimony, custody cases, it also follows inheritance cases.

What are the Advantages of Hiring a Lawyer?

It is necessary to hire a lawyer to follow your cases. There are many advantages to hiring a lawyer. Especially in criminal cases, you can ensure that your sentence is minimized by hiring a lawyer. If you live abroad and have a case in Turkey, you can hire a lawyer to ensure that this case is followed up and concluded successfully. Even if you are right when you do not hire a lawyer, you can lose these rights with false defense. However, thanks to your lawyer, you can ensure that your rights are protected by going through the right litigation process.

About MGC

MGC Legal is a Turkish law firm that can provide services worldwide with English-speaking Turkish lawyers. Our Istanbul law firm handles legal matters with the understanding of a full-service Turkish law firm and a result-oriented perspective.

As Andersen Global's business partner, our company, which is the solution to the lack of international law firms in Turkey, continues to offer our clients a full-service law firm in international legal matters. The working areas of the company can be listed as follows:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Business Disputes
  • Collection Receivables (Execution, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure
  • Business rules
  • Public Law (Tax, Zoning And Penalty)
  • Private Law (Family, Heritage Associations and Foundations)
  • Real Estate Law
  • Project Finance
  • IT Law (Protection of Personal Data, E-Commerce)
  • Intellectual Property (Trademarks and Patents)
  • Immigration Law (Citizenship, Residence and Work Permits, Visa)
  • Dedicated Teams on Fintech and Combating Cyberbullying.

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