How Does Watching Too Much TV Affect People?

How Does Watching Too Much TV Affect People?
How Does Watching Too Much TV Affect People?

Experts state that the increase in television viewing can negatively affect adults and children both mentally and physically.

While the average of watching television in the world is 2 hours and 54 minutes per person per day, this time is measured as 4 hours and 33 minutes in our country. Experts warn that spending too much time in front of the television can have negative effects both mentally and physically.

“Television viewing time should be a maximum of 2 or 3 hours per day”

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Dilara Boztepe said that the time spent watching television has increased in Turkey in recent years.

Stating that with the increase in content viewing platforms, the options have increased and that's why people tend to these kinds of platforms, Boztepe said, "The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to activity at home is watching television. During the pandemic, television viewing time has increased significantly. Although the anxiety in humans has decreased compared to when the pandemic first started, the sedentary behaviors before the pandemic still have not occurred. For this reason, activities inside the house increased due to the social isolation outside.” he said.

Boztepe stated that there is a difference between watching television and television addiction and continued as follows:

“Watching too much television has both mental and physical negative effects on the person. Watching too much television causes us not to be involved in social life, social isolation, feeling worse, and not being able to improve ourselves. Therefore, the duration of watching television should be a maximum of 2 or 3 hours per day.”

Pointing out that the relations within the family can also be damaged due to the serious increase in television viewing, Boztepe said, “People, both adults, children and adolescents, cannot fulfill their responsibilities due to watching television. In addition, the relationship between mother, father and child deteriorates. In order to prevent this, reading hours should be arranged at home. Instead of telling a child to 'read a book', parents should do this themselves. Because children learn by taking role models. Families can visit places such as museums and historical places together and participate in online trainings. Learning a language instead of watching TV can also be a good option.” made its assessment.

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