Helmets Distributed to Motorcycle Drivers in Elazig

Helmets Distributed to Motorcycle Drivers in Elazig

Helmets Distributed to Motorcycle Drivers in Elazig

Police and Gendarmerie teams in Elazig distributed helmets to 50 motorcycle drivers to raise awareness. In Elazig, the Provincial Police Department and the Provincial Gendarmerie Command held a helmet distribution ceremony as part of the “Helmet Is Not a Choice, It Is a Must Project”.

Speaking at the ceremony, Governor Mr. Ömer Toraman said that as part of the projects implemented by our Ministry to reduce traffic accidents across the country, they held a symbolic helmet distribution ceremony for motorcycle drivers.

Helmet Reduces Mortality Rate by 40%

Emphasizing that great efforts are made to reduce the death and injury rates in traffic accidents, and campaigns are carried out on issues such as seat belts, speed and not using mobile phones at the wheel, Toraman said:

“Turkey has achieved a great success by reducing the death rate in traffic accidents by 50% worldwide. We are working together to reduce this even more, under the leadership of our Minister. Here, too, we inform our drivers and pedestrians about traffic rules by giving priority to guidance and education in the inspections they carry out by our Police and Gendarmerie members.

We know that if helmets are used in possible motorcycle accidents, death rates decrease by 40% and injuries by 70%. This also applies to seat belts. Therefore, God forbid, when there is an accident, if our seat belts are fastened or we have a helmet, we have a slight chance of surviving that accident, so it is vital.”

Do Not Ride Motorcycles Without Appropriate Equipment

Noting that 2021 people lost their lives in the accidents that occurred in the city in 23, and 3 of them were accidents involving motorcycles, Toraman said, "Hopefully, this project will reach its goal, we call on all our friends who use motorcycles in our city, not to use motorcycles without appropriate equipment."

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