Asaş Uses Artech Solutions in Its Project

Asaş Uses Artech Solutions in Its Project
Asaş Uses Artech Solutions in Its Project

ASAŞ uses ARTECH solutions in its DigitALL project. ASAŞ Information Technologies Manager Coşar Mert talked about the collaborations with Cizgi Teknoloji and the project process.


Established in Kocaeli Gebze in 1990, ASAŞ; Akyazı is among the most important industrial establishments of Turkey with its 5 production facilities equipped with the latest technology in the Sakarya region, 2750 employees and exports to more than 90 countries. Ranking 2020rd in ISO 500 in Turkey in 63 with its stable growth trend since its establishment, ASAŞ is also one of the leading manufacturers in Europe; With its innovative products, technology, the first approved R&D Center in the industry and the services it provides, it creates solutions and adds value to every sector it operates.

ASAŞ; It serves its customers in the production facilities of Aluminum Profile, Composite Panel, Aluminum Flat Products, PVC Profile and Shutters, established on an area of ​​300 thousand square meters, 923 thousand square meters of which is closed, in Akyazı and Karapürçek campuses. In 2018, ASAŞ purchased a land of 1 thousand 72 square meters with a closed area of ​​793 thousand 880 square meters belonging to Thyssen Krupp Rasselstein in the city of Neuwied, adjacent to Koblenz, one hour away from Frankfurt and Cologne airports, which is a strategic location in the European distribution network. ASAŞ, which will also benefit from the logistics opportunities of the region in the area, which also has a port and railway transportation facilities, can provide direct services to Central and Western European countries.

Thanks to DigitALL, ASAŞ aims to create and record a digital trace of every data, every e-mail sent, every activity performed, to increase its efficiency with the help of systems that will generate information and value from this data, and to add value to the sector and the country's economy by further improving the service it offers to its business partners.


The process, which started with the industrial transformation of the equipment in the automation systems used in the ASAŞ Factory, continued with the DigitALL project with the needs of digitalization and Industry 4.0 transformation. This situation developed as a result of supplier research and evaluation of certain criteria.

By prioritizing issues such as "Price - Performance - After Sales Support", product trials were conducted with almost all known suppliers in the sector for solutions. Since they are living processes, criteria such as openness to improvement, ease of problem solving and cost were prioritized in the evaluation of products and suppliers to be selected. The most important factors in choosing to work with Cizgi Teknoloji and Artech Industrial Computer solutions are; being a local company, fast support after sales and being open to customer requests in a customizable structure.


First of all, we used Artech Panel PC instead of a panel PC of foreign origin in our production line. Due to the fact that the previous product was of foreign origin, solution times in case of failure were very long and costly.

With the Cizgi Teknoloji team, improvements were made on the existing Artech products, according to our requirements, in line with our wishes, and a new product specific to our DigitALL project has emerged. Within the scope of DigitALL, the Artech Industrial Computer solution specially developed for the ASAŞ factory, we provide production confirmations as MES screens and publish our Artech Andon screens and dashboards.


The Cizgi Teknoloji team's openness to our wishes for our project goals and innovation in the current product ensured that our project process was mutually efficient. We reached a solution easily by stating our expectations to Cizgi Teknoloji on every issue that came to our mind during the project. Thanks to the solution-oriented and empathetic support of the relevant sales managers during the project, a very good product came out and its evaluation in the project adds added value to the system we have established.

The project we carried out with Cizgi Teknoloji was completed, including the installations in the production area, apart from the equipment purchase. Here, with the involvement of the Cizgi Teknoloji After-Sales Services team in the project from the very beginning and their ownership of this project, our costs and solution times for the necessary after-sales support have decreased.

Our project demands were met with Cizgi Teknoloji's creation of a product that could be easily integrated, in line with our project goals and expectations.

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