Governor Ceber Investigated Rize-Artvin Airport

Governor Ceber Investigated Rize-Artvin Airport
Governor Ceber Investigated Rize-Artvin Airport

Rize Governor Kemal Ceber visited Rize-Artvin Airport, one of Turkey's huge projects, and received information about the latest situation from the authorities.

Vali Ceber, who toured the domestic and international terminals, the tea cup-shaped tower and the tea leaf-shaped entrance arch, met with the employees. sohbet and watched the final paving process on the track.

Governor Ceber, in his statement to reporters after his investigations, said that the Kovid-19 epidemic process affected the airport construction like everything else.

Expressing that the works have been brought to the last point by applying very special techniques at Rize-Artvin Airport, Governor Ceber noted that the airport will make significant contributions to our province and our country in many areas from tourism to economy, from trade to employment.

Governor Ceber stated that they are at the last stage in terms of infrastructure and that they are very close to the end in terms of superstructure, and said, “1200 of our friends are working at the airport. Heavy rain hindered our work a little, but we did not stop working. As of today, we are completing the runway with the last asphalt to be poured. There are some minor lighting works left. We can easily say that the infrastructure works have been completed.

The terminal buildings and all other buildings integrated into it have come to an end. Hopefully, we will complete all the work in a short time. We are at the stage of finishing our airport, which is one of the most important and biggest investments for our country. As soon as our airport is completed and begins to serve, it will make a significant contribution to the region. Work continues rapidly at the Iyidere Logistics Center, which we call the brother of our airport. It is an area that will be used by approximately 3 million passengers annually and will add a lot of value to the region.”

During the inspections of Rize-Artvin Airport, Governor Kemal Ceber was accompanied by Çayeli District Governor Muhammet Fatih Demirel, Pazar District Governor Mustafa Akın, Transport and Infrastructure Regional Manager İhsan Gümrükçü, DHMİ Rize-Artvin Founding Director Fikret Akbulut and contractor company officials.

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