Gendarmerie General Command to Recruit 60 Officers

gendarmerie general command will recruit civil servants
general command of the gendarmerie

60 civil servants will be recruited in various titles to be employed in the Gendarmerie General Command headquarters and affiliated units and institutions. Applications will be made online between 6-21 December.

5 Lawyers, 14 Engineers, 8 Psychologists, 31 Experts and 2 Translators in the Gendarmerie General Command through open appointment, subject to the Civil Servants Law No. Civil servants with (657) titles (11) will be provided to be employed in the headquarters of the General Staff and affiliated units and institutions. Applications will be received online between 60-06 December 21. Due to the COVID-2021 outbreak, the exam date, place and principles and other stages (announcement of exam results, receipt of health reports, etc.) will be announced separately. HES code and vaccination card will be requested from all candidates who will be called for the selection exam, and the PCR test performed within the last 19 hours for candidates without a vaccination card will be requested, and the vaccine card or PCR test result will be checked through the application.

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  • a. Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,
  • b. To have the general and special conditions specified in article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,
  • NS. To have completed the age of 21 as of the application date [(last day of the application made on the internet (2021 December 18)] or to have taken a decision of accidental coming of age in accordance with Article 12 of the Turkish Civil Code,
  • NS. Even if the periods specified in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code have passed; crimes against the security of the state, even if pardoned or imprisoned for one year or more for an intentionally committed crime, crimes against the constitutional order and the functioning of this order, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, abuse of trust, fraudulent Not to be convicted of bankruptcy, bid rigging, rigging of performance, laundering property values ​​arising from crime or smuggling,
  • D. Not to be deprived of public rights,
  • to. Not to have been dismissed from the Turkish Armed Forces, General Staff, SGK and public institutions and organizations for any reason other than retirement, voluntary resignation and health reasons,
  • f. For male candidates; not to be involved in military service, not to be of military age, to have done active military service if he has reached the age of military service, or to be postponed (deferred) or transferred to the reserve class or to be exempted as if he has done it.
  • g. Not being involved in, supporting or participating in the activities, meetings, marches and rallies of terrorist organizations and their legal or illegal extensions,
  • ğ. Not to be a member of any political party on the application date,
  • h. To have all of the qualifications specified at the level of the cadre titles in Table-1 in the text of the application announcement,
  • NS. Not to be working in any public institution and organization subject to the Civil Servants Law No. 657,
    NS. If they are successful in the applied vocational knowledge exam and/or interview exam to be held, to have a determined health report from the hospitals to which they will be transferred, according to the provisions of the TAF, J.G.N.K., SGK Health Skills Regulations,
  • j. To have entered the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) held in 2021 and to have received 1 points or more from the type of score indicated in Table-60,
  • k. For candidates who apply for the title of translator whose foreign language exam (YDS) score is required, to have obtained 60 points or more from YDS (Arabic) in the last five years.
  • l. To have the Attorneyship License specified in Table-1 for the candidates who will apply for the title of attorney.


Applications will start on 06 December 2021 and will end at 21:2021 on 23.59 December XNUMX, only via e-Government at the website "". through the gate. Applications made by mail or in person other than the internet environment will not be considered.

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