Europe Demands the Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Kit Produced in Vocational High School

Europe Demands Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Kit Developed in Vocational High School
Europe Demands Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Kit Developed in Vocational High School

Allocating huge budgets for the "rapid antigen kit" against Kovid-19, some European countries aspired to the technology developed by two vocational high schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education in Bursa. The test kit, which stands out with its high performance, low cost and results in 15 minutes compared to the examples in the world, is aimed to start the export process when the Ministry of Health approval is received. In line with the demands from countries including Germany, Belgium, Kosovo and Hungary, planning studies have been initiated to export all of the plastic components of the kits, whose mold design and production were made by teachers and students, to these countries.

The production power of vocational high schools will contribute to the economy

The Ministry of National Education mobilized the power of vocational high schools for the production of tests with very expensive production costs. The Kovid-19 antigen test kit is produced at Bursa Mehmet Kemal Coşkunöz Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, as well as the Automotive Industry Exporters' Association Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which is an R&D center.

Mold designs are prepared by teachers and students, and the kits are produced at a cost of one third of their equivalents in the market, and they are packaged and made ready for use. In addition, studies for the mass production of the antigen kit have been completed. Necessary investments have been completed in order to produce 3 million antigen kits per month in vocational high schools.

The product, which has the feature of being the only work produced in this field in Turkey, continues under the name of “BRS-CA” and the approval process of the Ministry of Health continues. While PCR test applications for contact students and unvaccinated teachers are still hot in order to continue education under epidemic conditions, the antigen test kit is expected to make a great contribution to the country's economy as well as facilitating face-to-face education.

“We will be able to manage the processes in our schools much more easily”

In his statement on the subject, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer reminded the methods applied by many countries in the world to continue face-to-face education in schools and drew attention to the high production costs of these kits. Expressing that they made all the necessary investments for mass production after the R&D studies on the production of antigen kits started 3 months ago by the schools, Özer continued: Results from saliva samples can be obtained in as little as 15 minutes. All of the production and automation was carried out by our vocational high school teachers and students. The cost of the antigen kit is also very low compared to its counterparts on the market. In addition, the capacity to produce 10 million antigen kits per month was created.

The first good news of the production was given by our President on October 11, 2021. The evaluation process of our application to the Ministry of Health General Directorate of Health Services continues. When the approval process is completed, teachers and students in our schools will now be able to use the antigen kits we produce.”

The kit is planned to be exported

Minister Özer stated that many countries from Europe held talks with the Ministry of National Education for the production of the kit for the "rapid antigen kit" technology against Kovid-19, "We are planning to export this kit when the approval process is completed. The whole world allocates huge budgets for these kits. The production power of our vocational high schools will also contribute to our economy.” he said.

Minister of National Education Özer reminded that face-to-face education started in schools on September 6 and stated that security against Kovid-19 in schools will be stronger with the use of antigen kit. Özer said: “When we use the test kit in schools, we will be able to prevent the spread of the epidemic in a much shorter time. Thus, we will be able to manage the processes in our schools much more easily. On the other hand, we made the necessary investments to increase the production capacity of the antigen kit, which gives fast results. We are in a position to produce 10 million rapid antigen kits per month. With the kits that can be produced in this capacity, we will be able to meet our own needs as well as export them to countries that are already in demand.”

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