Date Given for TOGG! Preparations Continue in Gemlik

Date Given for TOGG! Preparations Continue in Gemlik
Date Given for TOGG! Preparations Continue in Gemlik

Togg is preparing to take its first serial vehicle off the production line in the last quarter of 2022. While the construction of the Gemlik Facility, which is the core of Togg's 'Journey to Innovation' target, is rapidly approaching the end, the line installation of the paint shop and body sections and robotic production integration studies have also started. M. Gürcan Karakaş, CEO of Togg, stated that they are approaching the targets step by step within the scope of the plans, and said, “Our brand Togg, which combines mind and heart, eastern culture and western culture, people and technology, and its first smart device, C segment SUV, will be launched first in our country and then in Europe. "We're close to hitting the market," he said.

Setting out with the aim of creating a global brand whose intellectual and industrial property 100% belongs to Turkey and forming the core of the Turkish mobility ecosystem, Togg shared with the public the distance it has taken since the 'Journey to Innovation' meeting held on 27 December 2019 and its targets for 2022 with the public at a press conference. .

We kept our promises, we continue on our way with sure steps

Speaking at the meeting held at the body building of Togg's Gemlik Facilities, where the production line installation work has begun, Togg CEO M. Gürcan Karakaş stated that they are progressing within the plans and said:

“We continue on our way with firm steps, by standing behind every promise we made while developing our smart device. We said '51 percent local rate', we selected 75 percent of our suppliers from Turkey, we caught 51, we aim to exceed it. We said 'We will produce in the Marmara Region', we made Gemlik the heart of mobility. We said, 'Not our smart device, but our production will be clean', we established the cleanest facilities in Europe. We said, 'Despite the pandemic, there will be no delay', we did not miss the date of starting the facilities, we are progressing within the framework of our plans. We had stated that we would provide employment from our region, and we supplied our need for technicians and operators, whose number will reach 240 in the first weeks of the new year, from our region. We said, 'We have localization goals, our plans are ready', and we implemented our Technology Research Center in Ankara and our prototype workshop in Gebze. We said, 'We will start the physical tests in the third quarter of 2021,' and we started. We completed the simulations with 3D models. We have completed the vehicle safety and durability design analysis. We produced development and function test prototypes such as chassis and powertrain in Turkey and sent them to test centers. We said 'we will become a global player', we established Togg Europe in Stuttgart, we started user research.

We said, 'Our battery will be domestic at the end of 2022', and we established Siro in partnership with Farasis. Just at this time last year, we said, 'We will start the equipment installation in October 2021,' and we started. Togg Smart and Quick Charge Solutions Inc. to support rapid and widespread infrastructure formation. We started with the preparations.”

Siro will be one of the leading players in the region

Siro Silk Road Clean Energy Solutions Inc., which was established in partnership with Togg and Farasis Energy to develop energy storage solutions and received an incentive of 30 billion TL within the scope of "Strategic incentives to support competitiveness", will reach an annual production capacity of 2031 GWh cells and 15 GWh battery packs by 20. . Stating that Siro will be a pioneer in the production of domestic battery cells, modules and packages, Gürcan Karakaş also underlined that he will carry out cell R&D in Turkey. Karakaş stated that Siro will be a business partner in the automotive and non-automotive sectors in Turkey as well as in neighboring countries.

Our ecosystem is focused on artificial intelligence, blockchain, fintech and gamification.

Emphasizing that they have transformed the automobile into a new generation smart mobility device, Karakaş continued as follows:

“There is an important opportunity with transformation in the world. The automobile is now turning into a living space. We call it the 'third living space' with home and office. While we design our smart device on the one hand, we continue our efforts to establish that ecosystem with the business models it will need, on the other hand. We focus on strategic areas such as mobility solutions, big data, cybersecurity, fintech, blockchain, gamification, smart grids and mobility services. Gamification philosophy is a powerful method used to incorporate game thinking and game mechanics into non-game areas and make the offered service or application more attractive. Gamification is one of the strong areas of our country, and we started to work with three game start-ups that came together in line with our goals. Along with these areas, data security is gaining great importance. In fact, like EuroNCAP, which tests vehicle safety in the coming period, the cyber security of vehicles will also be tested and starred. Therefore, the blockchain, whose importance we underline at every opportunity, stands out as a technology to be used not only for fintech but also for the security of smart devices. Blockchain technology will also enable vehicles to have digital wallets over time. The developing and unchanging technology of the big data world will be the blockchain. Digitized data and other assets will be securely stored and transferred via the blockchain. Therefore, blockchain and artificial intelligence will be at the center of ecosystems.”

Robots on duty at Gemlik Facility

M. Gürcan Karakaş, explaining that ground reinforcement works have been carried out since 18 July 2020, when the construction of Togg Gemlik Facilities, which is the core of the 'Journey to Innovation' goal, started, said that the facilities built on a total open area of ​​1 million 200 thousand square meters have a total of 44 thousand ground reinforcement columns. Said it was built on. Explaining that the work on the production units at the construction site, where approximately 2 thousand people work, is planned to be completed in May 2022 and that the installation of 62 robots has started as of now, Karakaş shared the following information:

“There will be a total of 250 robots in our facility. We will start trial production at the end of July 2022. At the end of 2022, we will unload our first mass production vehicle. After the completion of the homologation tests, our first vehicle in the C segment, the SUV, will be launched in the first quarter of 2023. When our smart device hits the market, it will be the first born electric SUV produced by a non-classic brand on the European continent. Then, Sedan and Hatchback models in the C segment will enter the production line. In the following years, with the addition of B-SUV and C-MPV to the family, our product range consisting of 5 models carrying the same DNA will be completed. We plan to produce a total of 2030 million vehicles by 5 with the production of 1 different models from a single platform.”

Taking the world stage at CES

Reminding that they do not participate in automotive fairs as a technology company, Karakaş said that they will take part in the world's largest Consumer Electronics Fair CES 5 (Consumer Electronics Show) on January 8-2022. Stating that they will attend the fair with a smart device showing Togg's future vision, Karakaş said, “We sent our smart device to the USA with Turkish Cargo. Thousands of people from all over the world accompanied our global brand journey with a “virtual convoy”. At CES, we will introduce the world to our Use-Case Mobility® concept, which represents our user-oriented, smart, empathetic, connected, autonomous, shared and electrical features.”

Duality and technology in our brand's DNA meet in our new logo

Gürcan Karakaş also evaluated the new Togg logo, which they announced on 19 December. Stating that they are happy to complete the process of creating a user brand, Karakaş said, “Our logo emphasizes that Togg is a technology company that brings technology and people together at the intersection of today and tomorrow, thanks to its mobility solutions that make life easier. The theme of duality in our logo is the basis of our differentiation by blending the rational and emotional worlds of eastern and western cultures.”

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