5th Izmir International Humor Festival Begins

5th Izmir International Humor Festival Begins
5th Izmir International Humor Festival Begins

Izmir International Humor Festival is held for the fifth time between 17-23 December. Within the scope of the festival held with the theme of "Popular Heroes of the World of Humor", master names such as Turhan Selçuk, Aziz Nesin and Rıfat Ilgaz will be commemorated.

In line with the vision of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer to turn Izmir into a city of culture and arts, the Izmir International Humor Festival is being held for the fifth time between 17-23 December. Held with the theme of “Popular Heroes of the World of Humor”, the festival includes events in all branches of art, from music to cinema, under the direction of Vecdi Sayar.

Soyer: “We commemorate the three masters of our humor”

The festival will be held at Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center (AASSM) on Friday, December 17 at 19.00 with “An Istanbul Gentleman in Izmir: Abdülcanbaz”, “Cartoon Heroes” curated by Turgut Çeviker and “Karagöz from Traditional to Contemporary” by Cengiz Özek. will start with the opening of the exhibitions. President Tunç Soyer stated that the master names of the world of humor came to the fore at the festival and said, “We respectfully commemorate the three masters of our humor in the context of the Abülcanbaz exhibition. Abdülcanbaz's illustrators Turhan Selçuk, and Aziz Nesin and Rıfat Ilgaz, who wrote the texts in Abdülcanbaz's early period… Other activities of the festival are also related to our theme and our masters. We will commemorate the master Aziz Nesin with the 'Azizname' staged by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality City Theater under the direction of Yücel Erten on December 20, his birthday, and Rıfat Ilgaz with his famous work 'Hababam Class'. We will present the 'Aziz Nesin Humor Award', which we will give for the first time this year, to the esteemed theater and cinema artist Müjdat Gezen.

The third day ends with the Meddah game.

On the second day of the festival, at 12.00, Cengiz Özek's Karagöz play titled Garbage Monster and “Hababam Class” will be shown with Aydın Ilgaz's presentation at 15.30. On Sunday, December 19, at 14.00 at AASSM, after the Karagöz play called “The Enchanted Tree”, Cengiz Özek will give a talk with the audience at 15.00. At 16.00, researcher-writer Sabri Koz will give a speech on “Popular Music Heroes in Our Folk Culture”. At 17.00 Prof. Dr. Semih Çelenk will meet with the audience with a talk on “Poet Eşref on Stage” in memory of Ege's master of humor. The program ends with Mehmet Esen's “Meddah” play at 18.00.

Comedians who set up theater

On Monday, December 20, at 18.00, dramaturg-writer Eren Aysan has a talk on “Directors Who Construct Theatre”. Festival director Vecdi Sayar said, “With this interview, on the 100th anniversary of his birth, Ulvi Uraz, on the 50th anniversary of his death, Avni Dilligil, together with the masters of our theater Muammer Karaca, Gönül Ülkü-Gazanfer Özcan, Altan Erbulak, Nejat Uygur, Tevfik Gelenbe, Eniz Fosforoğlu, Levent Kırca and nearby We commemorate Ferhan Şensoy, who we lost.”

After the talk, İzmir City Theater's “Azizname” play will be staged at 20.00. The documentary Müjden Gezen, signed by Gökmen Ulu, will be screened at 21 in the AASSM Great Hall on December 18.30. After the documentary, President Tunç Soyer will present the Aziz Nesin Humor Award to Müjdat Gezen, followed by an interview with Gezen and Ulu. On December 21, the longest night, the program will be completed with the films of Şarlo. During the night, two short films from Chaplin's early period, “Contemporary Times” and “Charlo the Dictator” will be screened.

Masters from the Balkans

The festival also has guests from Balkan countries. Famous Bulgarian cartoonist Lubomir Mihailov will explain the characteristics of the Balkan caricature with examples at the French Cultural Center on Wednesday, December 22 at 19.00. A famous artist from Ukraine, Oleg Gutsov, will join the conversation online. Films by Ion Popescu Gopo, one of the most important creators of world animation cinema, will be screened at 20.00 with the presentation of Dana Duma, a film critic from Romania. The festival will end with a concert called “KomiKlasik” at 23:20.00 at AASSM on XNUMX December. İbrahim Yazıcı will conduct the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Hand in Hand Music Symphony Orchestra. The soloist of the event will be the viola artist Efdal Altun, the creator of this project.

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