3 New MİLGEMs Coming to the Blue Homeland

3 New MİLGEMs Coming to the Blue Homeland
3 New MİLGEMs Coming to the Blue Homeland

Presidency of Defense Industries has started the tender process for MİLGEM's sixth, seventh and eighth ships.

The tender process for the sixth, seventh and eighth ships has started in the MİLGEM Project, which the Turkish defense industry has developed with national resources and where domestic resources are used at a high level.

President of the Presidency of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, in his statement, said that they continue to work to meet the needs of the security forces with the most advanced technologies, with the goal of "A fully independent Turkey in the defense industry".

Emphasizing that the "Blue Homeland" also has an important place in these studies, President of Defense Industry Prof.Dr. İsmail Demir stated that the Turkish Armed Forces are carrying out multifaceted activities to increase their naval power.

Pointing out that within the scope of the first national warship MİLGEM Project, platforms with 100% domestic design are offered for the use of the Naval Forces, he also stated that the construction work of the 5th ship of the MİLGEM Project, the first of the İ-Class frigates, which is the continuation of the ADA class corvettes, continues.

President of the Presidency of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir said, “Our domestic industrial companies have reached the opportunity and ability to realize even unique ships in the world at competitive costs. With this strength, we are taking another important step in the MİLGEM Project. The tender process for the 6th, 7th and 8th ships has started. We aim to make our ships with a much higher domesticity rate available to the security forces as soon as possible. Our new ships will have more domestic and national equipment and weapon systems. MİLGEMs will reinforce our navy's stance that instills trust in friends and fears in enemies.”

They will be a striking force in the blue country

Presidency of Defense Industry Presidency launched the tender process by publishing the Call for Proposals File for the MİLGEM sixth, seventh and eighth Ships Procurement Project.

With the project, ships that will perform reconnaissance and surveillance, target detection, identification and recognition, early warning missions, base and port defense, anti-submarine warfare, surface warfare, air defense warfare, amphibious operations and patrol activities will be produced for the Naval Forces Command with the project.

New MİLGEMs will be brought to the Turkish navy with the maximum participation of domestic industry.

Except for the systems that need development, improvement, nationalization and localization, the ships will be equivalent to the 5th ship of MİLGEM.

Within the scope of the project, it is aimed to increase the necessary knowledge, experience and infrastructure in the field of warship construction in private sector shipyards under the responsibility of developing and supporting the domestic defense industry.

The bidders must have a domestic shipyard or the design subcontractor must cooperate with a domestic shipyard. For the tender, it will also be required to have conducted/executing a military surface platform design/construction project with the Presidency or to be composed of companies that fulfill this condition.

MİL GEM Projesi

Within the scope of the MİLGEM Island Class Corvette Project, the first ship TCG Heybeliada was delivered in 2011, the second ship TCG Büyükada in 2013, the third ship TCG Burgazada in 2018, and the fourth ship TCG Kınalıada in 2019.

The construction work of the 5th ship of the project, also Turkey's first national frigate "Istanbul", continues.

The Istanbul Frigate is planned to be delivered to the Naval Forces Command in 75, with a localization rate of 2023%.

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