What is NACE Code? How to Get NACE Code?

What is NACE Code? How to Get NACE Code?
What is NACE Code? How to Get NACE Code?

NACE is an important coding system that enables the production and dissemination of statistics on economic activities in Europe. The NACE code allows for world-class identification and comparison of economic activities. In addition, this coding system shows the hazard classes of workplaces. The NACE code is also known as the hexadecimal activity code, as it is a six-digit code. With the NACE code, you can learn the hazard class determined for your workplace and take the right precautions for your employees. How to Learn NACE Code? How to Change NACE Code?

What is NACE Code?

Frequently asked by business owners, “What is the NACE code, what does the NACE code mean?” The answers to such questions are in our article. The NACE code, an international coding system, determines the hazard classes of economic activities. NACE code expansion is “Nomenclature des Activités Économiques dans la Communauté Européenne”, that is, “Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community”.

The NACE code, which specifies the field of activity of the enterprises, is extremely important in terms of determining the workplace hazard class and taking the necessary occupational safety measures in the light of this. Those who are in the process of opening a new business must learn the NACE code before registering with the Chamber of Commerce during the company establishment phase. In addition, the NACE code is used in some transactions to be made in official institutions such as the Ministry of Finance and the Revenue Administration.

How to Get NACE Code?

Every business owner preparing to start commercial activities should learn the NACE code. Before the official registration with the Chamber of Commerce, the NACE code must be determined. You can get support from your accountant or financial advisor for this. In addition, you can determine your NACE code according to the directions made at the tax office during the establishment phase of your company. The NACE code is assigned to each company according to the hazard level of its field of activity. These hazard classes are listed as follows:

  • Less Dangerous: Shopping, food and retail
  • Dangerous: Cutting, painting and manufacturing
  • Very Dangerous: Construction, mining, etc.

How to Learn NACE Code?

If you are an existing business owner, you can use more than one method to determine your NACE code. E.g; You can learn your NACE code by logging in on the website of the chamber of commerce you are affiliated with. Another method used to learn the NACE code is to use your company's SGK registration number. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th digits of your SGK registration number of your workplace show your NACE code.

How to Change NACE Code?

If an incorrect NACE code is determined or the company changes its field of activity, the existing NACE code must be changed. For this, certain procedures must be followed. If a change will be made due to an incorrect code, it is important in which document the code is incorrectly determined. If the code is written incorrectly on the tax plate, a petition regarding the code change request must be submitted to the tax office. If the NACE code requested in the petition is found to be related to the business line in which the activity is carried out, the code change is made. When the NACE code change on the tax plate is completed, the Chamber of Commerce should be notified.

If a NACE code change is required in Social Security Institution records, you can complete your application for code change from the SGK website. As the business owner, you can see your new NACE code when the transaction is approved by the authorities after the necessary investigations.

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