Uyumsoft Doubled the World in Female Employment

Uyumsoft Doubled the World in Female Employment
Uyumsoft Doubled the World in Female Employment

Turkey's innovation leader, Uyumsoft, doubled the world in women's employment. While the rate of female employees in the IT sector in the world is around 2%, 27% of Uyumsoft employees are women. At Uyumsoft, from the recruitment to the promotion process, not gender; looking at talent and competence. Female employees work in all departments, from management staff to R&D, from software to customer relations.

The informatics sector, which is a promising and dynamic sector, is also a pioneering and innovative sector that allows female employees to reveal their creative aspects. Contrary to what is thought, female employees who are open to innovations, approach to problems with a solution-oriented approach and look at events analytically, have a high contribution in technology and technical-oriented fields, and are brave and willing to take an active role in almost every department. The IT sector is growing with women and will continue to grow.

We believe in equality, but we do not ignore the fact that women beautify the place they touch.

Explaining that they are aware of the role of women in today's and tomorrow's world, Uyumsoft Information Systems and Technologies Inc. Investment Services General Manager Özlem İkiz said:

“In today's world where everything is mechanized and distanced, I think that emotional intelligence and the spirit of experience are even more valuable. We are well aware of the role of women in the evolution of the internet of things to the internet of experiences. We sincerely believe that women with analytical thinking abilities, emotional intelligence, creativity and the ability to run multiple businesses together will lead this transformation in all sectors, especially informatics, today and in the future. The number of women entrepreneurs that we support institutionally, the ratio of women in our team, and the integration into professional life under the umbrella of the Academy. kazanWe are pleased to observe that the rate of female interns that we recruit has increased significantly (50%) every year. Of course, we believe in equality, but we do not ignore that women make every place they touch beautiful. We quickly learned to hand over our work to innovative women and incorporate their perspectives into the systems, and we feel lucky in this regard.” he said.

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