Turkey Is On The Way To Become The Most Important Player In The World With UAV Technologies

Turkey Is On The Way To Become The Most Important Player In The World With UAV Technologies

Turkey Is On The Way To Become The Most Important Player In The World With UAV Technologies

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank visited SAHA EXPO Defense Aviation and Space Industry Fair organized by SAHA Istanbul at Istanbul Expo Center.

In his visit to Minister Varank, who visited the stands of many companies engaged in production in different fields in the defense industry and received information from the authorities about the products; Hasan Büyükdede, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, President of TÜBİTAK Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal, Turkish Space Agency President Serdar Hüseyin Yıldırım and SAHA Istanbul Chairman of the Board and Baykar General Manager Haluk Bayraktar.


In his statement during his visit, Varank stated that SAHA Istanbul is Turkey's largest defense, aviation and space cluster and said, "Here, Turkish and foreign companies operating in the defense and aerospace sector are exhibiting the products they have recently developed and the capabilities they have developed in technology. In addition to this, a really nice fair continues where especially inter-firm relations and commercial partnerships are discussed and discussed.” he said.


Noting that there are more small and medium-sized enterprises at the fair this year, Varank said, “It is actually something we, as the Ministry of Industry and Technology, want them to come to the fore in the sector. The more private sector companies, the more small and medium-sized companies deal with these issues, become suppliers to the big ones and develop their own technologies, we will see that the industry in Turkey develops so fast.” said.


Emphasizing the interest of foreign companies, Varank said, “There are many things we can do together in the defense industry, especially in the international arena. There are aviation companies and engine companies coming from Ukraine here. There are projects that we will carry out with them in the coming period. Therefore, SAHA EXPO will progress towards becoming a serious brand in the field of defense, aviation and space in Turkey, both developing the sector and attracting relevant international companies and individuals to Turkey in this sense.” made its assessment.


Emphasizing that they are making a great effort to build a self-sufficient defense industry in Turkey, Varank said, “It is not possible to talk about 100% locality in every field, but it is very important to get rid of foreign dependency, especially in critical parts and components. In this sense, Turkey has become one of the most important players in the world in unmanned aerial vehicles. We wouldn't be wrong if we say that he is the most popular and discussed player right now. Of course, Turkey also has needs for manned planes and helicopters in terms of defense.” he said.


"In this sense, there are projects that he is continuing in terms of self-sufficiency in the coming period," said Varank, "ATAK is currently serving our army, its new version ATAK-2 is coming. Gokbey, our general purpose helicopter, will hopefully be put into use in the near future. In this sense, Turkey is also making a great effort to develop a fifth generation warplane of its own. At the moment, the production of parts has started, but we should not miss this, the world is now going to unmanned systems.” used the phrases.


Noting that the fifth generation warplanes may be the last manned warplanes, Varank said, “In the face of this, we will gradually leave the era of manned planes behind, especially with technologies such as unmanned combat UAV technologies. We need to invest in every field at the right time. We caught this train in unmanned aerial vehicles and became a pioneer in the world. We are a little behind in manned systems, but hopefully we will be able to meet our needs there as well. Our main goal is to be the most important player in the world in unmanned systems. Currently, we are doing very successful business with Baykar and TAI. Unmanned autonomous vehicles are currently on the agenda, not only in the air but also in land systems. I hope Turkey is rapidly advancing towards becoming the most important player in the world in autonomous technologies.” said.


Minister Varank said, “We can say that Turkey is self-sufficient in terms of both increasing the domestic rate in the defense industry and meeting its own needs in critical technologies. In fact, behind the successes Turkey has achieved in the fight against terrorism, these successes we have achieved in the defense industry lie." used the phrases.

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