Turkey Prepares for the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Turkey Prepares for the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Turkey Prepares for the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Turkey is getting ready for the electric vehicle revolution. An important step has been taken for the expansion of the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles, especially the domestic automobile TOGG. The regulation that will create the legal order of the charging stations is on the agenda of the Assembly.
Efforts are also underway to ensure that the charging infrastructure in Turkey is at a level that supports the use of electric vehicles.

There are currently about 2 charging stations in Turkey. However, with the increase in electric vehicles, hundreds of thousands of charging stations will be needed in the coming years.

The regulation is on the agenda of the Assembly

While studies are continuing to expand the charging infrastructure, the legal regulation regarding these stations is also on the agenda of the Parliament.

With the proposal, the legal infrastructure was prepared for the installation of the system and the terms of service.
The basic principles regarding the establishment of a sustainable charging infrastructure and the free market and the functioning of the market were determined.

Regulation for charging stations of electric vehicles

In the new period, companies that will provide charging services will be required to obtain a license. Concepts such as charging station, charging service and charging station operator will enter the legislation.

User rights set

The rights of electric vehicle users were also determined. Companies will not be able to charge electric vehicle owners other than the charging and charging service fee.

The determined prices will be announced in digital media. With the enactment of the regulation, the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles will gain momentum.

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