Offshore Patrol Ship Export to Nigeria from Turkish Shipyard Dearsan

Offshore Patrol Ship Export to Nigeria from Turkish Shipyard Dearsan
Offshore Patrol Ship Export to Nigeria from Turkish Shipyard Dearsan

A contract was signed between the Nigerian Navy and Dearsan for the supply of 2 76-meter OPV76 Offshore Patrol Ships. According to the contract, 2 ships are planned to be completed within 37 months.

Delivering a speech at the signing ceremony, Naval Forces Commander Awwal Gambo mentioned that piracy activities in the Gulf of Guinea have decreased with the contributions of the Nigerian Navy. At the same time, Gambo hosted the Commander of the Ghana Naval Forces to discuss the fight against piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and cooperation in the maritime security of the two countries in the region, and at the meeting it was decided to form a multinational task force.

In order to increase the efficiency of the Nigerian Navy in the task force, the President of Nigeria approved the teradik of 2 Dearsan OPV76 Offshore Patrol Ships. Awwal Gambo described the procurement as a milestone of the Nigerian Navy's strategic plan for 2021-2030. Gambo stated that these ships can fulfill humanitarian aid missions in natural disasters as well as combating piracy, smuggling and drug trade.

In the configuration of the ship to be supplied to Nigeria, 40mm bow gun, ASELSAN STAMP 12.7mm RCWS, 12.7 and 25mm or 30mm RCWS stand out. The similarity of the radar on the top of the ship with the ASELSAN MAR-D is remarkable.

Dearsan OPV76 Offshore Patrol Ship

Dearsan's offshore patrol ship OPV76, with its modular architecture, can perform many different tasks, from patrol duties to search and rescue and surface warfare. There are 4 diesel generators on the ship, which has a CODAD propulsion system consisting of 2 Diesel Engines and 3 CPP Propellers. Equipped with different head cannons, remote-controlled weapon systems and wartime surface-to-surface, the OPV76 can be equipped according to the user's needs.

Technical Specifications

Length: 76.8 m
Width: 11 m
Draft: 2.9 m
Maximum Speed: 28 knots
Deplasman: 1200 ton
Propulsion System: CODAD (4x Diesel, 2 CPP Propellers)
Crew: 43 people
Construction Material: Steel
Superstructure Material: Sealium

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