Protection at Global Standards with Cloud Security from Türk Telekom

Protection at Global Standards with Cloud Security from Türk Telekom

Protection at Global Standards with Cloud Security from Türk Telekom

Cyber ​​security needs were discussed at the National Cyber ​​Security Summit, of which Türk Telekom was the main sponsor. Türk Telekom Cyber ​​Security Director Mahmut Küçük said, “Our goal is to provide world-class Cloud and Cloud Security services to our customers, with our own secure infrastructure, thanks to our localization efforts in cyber security.”

SDN and cloud technologies, which provide ease of access and management of data from a single point, were discussed in the panel titled "The Future of SDN and Cloud Technologies" held at the fair organized by the Turkish Cyber ​​Security Cluster as part of the 'Cyber ​​Security Week' on November 22-26.

Speaking at the panel, Türk Telekom Cyber ​​Security Director Mahmut Küçük stated that security network functions should also be virtualized in order to control the cost of updating and upgrading security elements against cyber security threats. In this context, Küçük stated that SDN is used extensively in cloud technology: “One of the main advantages of SDN is the ability to manage the network from a central perspective. With this technology, it is possible to make instant changes in the network infrastructure. It is predicted that this technology, which will become more sensitive, fully automatic and extremely safe in the future, will gain an important place in the global market.”

“We should train cyber security experts on cloud security”

Küçük continued his words as follows: “Digital transformation strategies of global businesses; It is shaped around SDN and cloud technologies that reduce costs, eliminate infrastructure complexity and expand the workspace. Security teams must update their security strategies to deal with new security challenges, as traditional security tools and approaches are not well suited to the challenges of dynamic, virtual and distributed cloud environments. In this sense, it is very important that we train talented cybersecurity experts in cloud security.”

Protection with the concept of 'Cloud Security' from Türk Telekom

Emphasizing that as Türk Telekom, they are working to create a "cloud security architecture", Küçük made the following assessment: "Identification of the components to be included in the SASE architecture, which offers a structure that combines existing security and network technology distributions, and how to ensure integrations with security products in the projects we use and manage within the scope of localization." We continue to work on issues such as As Türk Telekom, our goal is to make the Cloud Security architecture ready for world standards, thanks to our localization efforts in cyber security, and to offer Cloud services to our customers with our own secure infrastructures.”

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