President Insect Inspected Karaman Bridge Construction

President Bocek Inspected Karaman Bridge Construction
President Bocek Inspected Karaman Bridge Construction

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Insect made investigations on the Karaman Bridge, which was demolished in Konyaaltı and started to be built again. Chairman Insect, stating that the construction of the bridge is progressing very quickly, said that it will be put into service soon.

On August 23, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality started the reconstruction by demolishing the Karaman and Kuruçay bridges on Hürriyet Street, which connects many neighborhoods such as Çakırlar, Doyran, Bahti, Karatepe and Geyikbayırı to the city center in the district of Konyaaltı. The construction of the Karaman Bridge, which will be 14.5 meters wide and 160 meters long, is progressing rapidly. Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Insect made examinations on the Karaman Bridge. Mayor Insect, who visited the bridge construction, received information about the works.


Saying that the Karaman Bridge is a bridge that was built in the 1960s and has completed its life, Mayor Muhittin Insect pointed out that because the bridge is very narrow, it is difficult for two trucks to pass when they come side by side. President Muhittin Insect said, “The bridge, which was 8 meters wide before, will be 14,5 meters long with a width of 160 meters in its renewed state. The central median, with its pavements, will be completed in a very short time. Our whole aim is to put the bridge into service before winter comes," he said.


Pointing out the importance of the Karaman bridge for the transportation of the region, Mayor Insect said, “The bridges provide transportation to 9 neighborhoods in the Çakkır region. At the same time, our citizens will be happy with the completion of this bridge on a road used by all our citizens, such as Saklıkent and Feslikan Plateau. The cost of Karaman and Kuruçay bridges is approximately 27 million 711 thousand TL.


Providing information about the construction of the bridge, Mayor Muhittin Insect said, “The last axis of the bridge, which consists of 6 columns and 14 beams, has been placed. With the completion of reinforced concrete production, hot asphalt will be poured and pavements will be made. After the completion of the Karaman Bridge, we will widen a part of the road to the Uncalı Junction towards the east of the bridge and build a pavement.”

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