A Matter of the Field, a Matter of the Kitchen

A Matter of the Field, a Matter of the Kitchen
A Matter of the Field, a Matter of the Kitchen

The world's largest greenhouse (greenhouse) agriculture sector fair, Growtech 20th International Greenhouse, Agricultural Technologies and Livestock Equipment Fair for the fourth time this year. Sohbetwas organized. With the title of "Global Climate Change and the Future of Agriculture", Growtech Tarım SohbetTo the future, SERKONDER President Halil Kozan, BASUSAD President Rahmi Çakarız, Selçuk University Faculty of Agriculture Lecturer Prof. Dr. Süleyman Soylu attended as a speaker. In the session moderated by İrfan Donat, it was emphasized that in order for Turkey not to experience water shortages in the near future, it is necessary to urgently abandon wild irrigation methods and integrate producers into technological developments.

Organized under the title of "Global Climate Change and the Future of Agriculture" within the scope of Growtech 25th International Greenhouse, Agricultural Technologies and Livestock Equipment Fair, to which 510 companies from 20 countries participated. Sohbetmeeting drew great interest. Bringing together the world's agricultural professionals under the same roof in Antalya, Growtech provided an intense trade environment by offering new cooperation opportunities to its exhibitors and visitors, while also hosting events that included solutions to how the industry would fight climate change, which is of great importance for protecting our world. Noting that the interest shown in the Growtech Fair, which took place after Covid-19, is very important and pleasing, Growtech Tarım SohbetThe moderator İrfan Donat, who started the Advanced Session, reminded that it is necessary to start from the fact that “the issue of the field is the issue of the kitchen” and underlined what should be done for Turkish Agriculture in the near future and what should be the emergency action plans.

“Climate-resistant greenhouse production started with new technologies”

The first to speak in the session; Halil Kozan, President of the Greenhouse Construction, Equipment and Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters (SERKONDER) Association; He explained that the industry has started to produce durable greenhouses with new technologies against the damage caused to greenhouses by external factors such as tornadoes, floods, storms and fires due to climate change. Stating that climate change and the pandemic show the necessity of efficient production in food, Kozan said, “The world population is increasing day by day. For this reason, the production lands and productivity issues are becoming more and more important every day. kazanhe's eating. At a time when we are experiencing the negative effects of global climate change, greenhouse cultivation is the most important potential power of our country. The productions made thanks to modern greenhouses have the value of 'open-to-ground factory'. As a sector, we are competing with Europe in establishing greenhouses and we are in a competitive position. Especially in the last 15 years, our industry has made great progress. We have companies with very good automation and R&D experience. Growtech Fair is very important for us to express ourselves better and to show how competitive we are in terms of price and quality.”

“Our Geothermal Resources Are Our Significant Power”

SERKONDER President Halil Kozan, who pointed out that the air-conditioning of modern greenhouses is done by automation and productivity is increased because it is kept under constant control, emphasized that geothermal resources in our country are of great importance for the increase and development of modern greenhouses, especially in cold regions, and also stated that investments in this area should increase. Stating that the increase in greenhouse investments has a strategic importance for the country's economy and future, Kozan also stated that investors should be supported and made an important call in his speech: “It is very correct to make greenhouse investments in cold regions for it to be feasible. Because in cold regions, 60 kilograms of product per square meter is taken, and in hot regions, half of this product is taken. The biggest cost of greenhouse investments in cold regions is heating expenses. At this point, geothermal is a cheap energy source. Contrary to popular belief, our country is a much richer country. We have these resources in a wide geography. This increase will make us more competitive in the world in the near future. But in order to invest in greenhouses, supports are also necessary to equip our country with more modern greenhouses. Today, the biggest obstacle in front of investment is financing. Thanks to the loans of our Ziraat Bank, we have made great progress in investments. However, the upper limit of 25 million support is insufficient, especially due to the recent fluctuations in foreign exchange. As an association, our biggest request from our decision makers is to double this rate and reorganize 18 percent VAT payments.

"We must protect every drop of our water by saying that it has come this way, it will not go like this"

Emphasizing that Turkey is not rich in water, but on the way to becoming water-poor, Growtech Tarım Sohbetİrfan Donat, session moderator of leri, stated that the impact of global climate change and global warming on agriculture is increasing day by day. Baçlı Irrigation Industrialists' (BASUSAD) Association Rahmi Çakarız, who emphasized that climate change and global warming are a serious threat, and expressed his views on this issue, pointed out that the temperatures will increase by 2050 degrees in 2, and stated that our water potential should be evaluated very well. Rahmi Çakarız, President of BASUSAD; “The need for food is much more important in 2050. kazanwill ache. In order to get more efficiency from our soil border, we must follow a correct and rational way at the point of irrigation. Especially by 2022, we must urgently switch to smart irrigation method. We must protect every drop of our water by saying that it has come and gone like this," he said.

“2 billion cubic meters of water with the same water kazanWe can irrigate our 4 million hectares of land by providing

Çakarız stated that 112 percent of the 75 billion cubic meters of water used in agriculture in Turkey is consumed by the flood irrigation method, which is called wild irrigation, and that this method should be abandoned urgently. Çakarız continued his words as follows; “While 75 percent wild irrigation can achieve 45 percent efficiency, 25-70 percent efficiency can be obtained from 80 percent pressurized irrigation. So we use 2 billion cubic meters of water with the same water. kazanWe can irrigate our 4 million hectares of land by providing If we consider global warming, climate change and the decrease in our water resources; Turkey's transition to pressurized irrigation should be the biggest emergency action plan that should be made in the short and medium term," he concluded.

“Humanity Needs Food, Food Agriculture”

Growtech Tarım, emphasizing the integration of our agricultural productions with climate change SohbetSelcuk University Faculty of Agriculture Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Süleyman Soylu; He shared his special presentation titled "The effects of climate change on seed growing and agricultural production in the light of field observations" with the participants in the organization.

Emphasizing that the world's need for food has increased in recent years due to global warming and climate change, Prof. Dr. Süleyman Soylu stated that 119 countries in the world are suffering from hunger. In his speech, Süleyman Soylu made the following important shares and suggestions about the importance of water, which is the insurance of the agricultural sector; “The lack of precipitation is one of the biggest problems in our country in recent years. Because the biggest cause of drought is insufficient precipitation. Therefore, we should know the value of our water more and more every day. Agricultural production is seriously affected by climate change and global warming. Problems such as difficulties in production and planning, lack of yield, seasonal shifts in planting and harvesting times, and increased cost of irrigation water are among the most common problems faced by our producers. When the mistakes made by water are added to all these, we have to be more careful. Today, while the use of water resources in our Central Anatolia region is very efficient, unfortunately we cannot say this in other regions. In order for Turkish agriculture to get out of this cycle, it is necessary to turn to smart agricultural practices, raise awareness of our producers, give importance to biological control, and first of all, our farmers should be adapted to more technological changes. In this way, we can both cope with global warming and climate change and grow more efficient and competitive products.” The meeting, in which it was called for the future of Turkish agriculture to act together without saying public or private, ended with the participants answering the questions from the audience.

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