Sivas's Dream Come True, First Production Made in Demirağ OSB

Sivasin's Dream Come True First Production was Made in Demirag OSB
Sivasin's Dream Come True First Production was Made in Demirag OSB

Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan visited the Gök Yapı Wagon Factory in Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) and wished good luck to the company, which started production with 6 people, some of which were completed in a short period of 100 months.

Gök Yapı Wagon, which was established in Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone, where all the works are continuing feverishly, realized its first production with the participation of Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan.

Making evaluations during the visit, Governor Ayhan stated that the first production started in Demirağ OIZ and said, “A feverish work was carried out here for 3 years. While carrying out these works, Gök Yapı, a brave investor, laid the foundation of the factory. We started the machine assembly together in September, we tightened the first screws together, and today we start the first production. A meaningful day for Sivas. 500 million lira investment continues in this region. When all these works are completed in a short time, this place will be the heart of Turkey in production, it will be the door of production opening to the east. This is a qualified investment, an investment in the future. Gök Yapı's goal is to employ over a thousand people. Thank you to our investor. I invite everyone to invest here. I can also say that they will not find a place in the future. We have over 220 parcels. We have 8 thousand acres of land. I wish our investors abundant and fruitful productions. I would like to thank our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, our ministers, our deputies, our city managers, Demirağ OIZ management and our investors. Sivas is one more value kazanwas.” used the phrases.

Governor Ayhan then examined the ongoing work in the logistics center on site.

Reminding that 600 thousand square meters of parquet and 150 thousand square meters of curbs and gutters will be laid on the roads and pavements of Demirağ OIZ, Governor Ayhan said that together with Sivas Logistics Village, the environment and face of the region will change, and that it will set an example with landscaping works.

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Work Continues in the Logistics Village

Making a statement here, Governor Ayhan emphasized the importance of the logistics center and said, “This region is the red apple of Sivas. Where the heart of production and employment will be. Demirağ OIZ and our logistics center that will power it. We examined both of our construction works on site. Intense work is being done. In 2022, there will be no problems in Demirağ OIZ, whether in infrastructure, electricity production or drinking water. This region will be the heart of production, investment and employment. Sivas's dream and hope will also come true." said.

Reminding that the construction works of the logistics center started in 2019, Governor Ayhan said, “There were many problems in the beginning, but we still came to a certain point. This should also end in parallel with Demirağ OIZ. This place will strengthen the OIZ and support its existence regarding the national and international shipment of the goods produced there. Work continues intensively. Sivas will be a great center in terms of qualified production. Demirağ OIZ will be at the top of the investment areas. It will be a place that makes a name for itself in Turkey. We strongly believe in this.” he said.

TCDD 4th Regional Manager Ali Karabey, Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone Manager Mustafa Beştepe and contractor company officials took part in the examinations.

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